Who are the Elven Ones?

THE DEERSKIN BOOK is a gift from the Elven Ones, who last walked among us many thousands of years ago. Theirs was the civilization of Lemuria, which existed upon Earth between 4,500,000 and 12,000 bc. It existed in the Pacific Ocean, on the continent of Mu. The Shining Ones are beautiful Star Souls who came to this planet as she became the Earth that we know. They brought their gifts of wisdom, beauty, inspiration, and the dimensional codes of other realities, so that Earth could blossom with the great harmonies of the Universe.

Their lands were lost in cataclysm, and their cycle came to an end at around 12,000 bc. The same happened with the successive star civilization of Atlantis. Many wise beings of Lemuria travelled to other lands, bringing remnants of their culture and wisdom with them. We see their presence in the cultures of the Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, Druid, Native American, Sami, Siberian and Norse peoples. There are innumerable other fragments scattered throughout the indigenous cultures of the world.

The Shining Ones knew there would ensue an era when the Lemurian star wisdom was almost entirely forgotten. They knew there would be a long era of darkness. This occurred in accordance with the great cosmic cycles out of which Creation is woven. They retreated into another dimension. A veil came down between the worlds. In the last era, these ancient realities of beauty and peace have come to seem like a dream, a myth.

Yet something is changing. We are living in very special times. These long-dormant memories are awakening within us. The Elven Elders are returning to our world, and many are remembering their multidimensional selves and their own star origins and past lifetimes. This is the Golden Dawn of the New Earth, and it is of this that SILVER WHEEL speaks.

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