White Bear Cloak of the Healer

Far along the amethyst trail of the haunted forest…

Through the haunted forest, along the path of willows, I follow my guide. Her face is old and lined, she is a tiny figure clad in white fur and amethysts, leading the way. She leads me to a clearing and there at its centre stands an ancient chest, and it has stood here for a long time. It is a darkened wooden chest, banded with rusted iron. I lift the heavy lid, and within there lies the shining purity of a White Bear Cloak.

This cloak is worn by one who has the steadfast endurance of the Bear, who carries the vow of fidelity and loyal service. This is the steadfast listening of the rocks, stones and crystals who always lie beneath, forming the beautiful ordinariness of our ground. This is the vow of the expanses of ice that remain frozen for aeons, holding an enduring constellation of wisdom for our atmospheres.

This is an end to the broken vows, the discarded butterfly wings, the perpetual transience and alteration.

I throw the cloak around my shoulders. Its weight settles: an untarnished, vast purity hanging around me.

We metamorphose into Reiki, just as the Shaman shapeshifts into the Celestial and Earthly powers of their spiritual inspiration.

The White Bear Cloak: this is the capacity of the healer to become invisible, to disappear into the healing energies.

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  1. Blessings Elen your book came to me yesterday on a surprsie outing my husband Gregory and I took up into the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria Australia.I wandered into a shop filled with crystals etc after circling the shop twice I stopped at the book shelf and there at the back was this white hardcover book reached out and drew it to me as I have hundreds of books they do not often draw me these days I asked if this was fir me show me a sign opened the book p 83 How exhausted we are etc so spoke to me .Brought the book read some to Greg on our way back home we both felt so in tune with the word so thank you so much for this book that speaks to the heart and soul .I am emmersed in it as I break to write and thank you.
    Many wonderful Blessings on you and your family for all your work
    In light and Laughter from the Heart
    Helen Jolly

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      Thank you so much for sharing this, Helen. I love this magical story of you finding Silver Wheel. How sacred! It is miraculous to think of Silver Wheel in the Australian mountains, and even more so the way that it called to you. Thank you so much for letting me know. With Love & Starry Elven Blessings on you and yours, Elen

  2. Blessings Elen
    I recently came across your wonderful Silver Wheel book. From the first page, the words spoke of so many instances that were already woven into my life tapestry. Things I thought couldn’t possibly be real or known by others. You have allowed me to understand and embrace a most beautiful light.
    My heart felt gratitude and many blessings.

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      I am so glad Silver Wheel has touched you so, and that it is singing that unspoken song. This is its deepest destiny and calling, and always in the writing it felt it belonged to many voices, that were holding this wisdom all around the planet… and beyond! With Shining Love, Elen

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