What Is A Healer?

I circle and circle upon this question. There is a passion and a dream to share Reiki and Shamanic Healing that flows through me. Yet my awareness of healing has very little to do with sickness, and everything to do with the deep Light within each of us. I see the healing session as a natural transmission that forms part of our unfolding evolution: it evokes the star dust of our growth. This is always occurring, it is Nature’s gift to us. Yet, the space of healing is when we dedicate ourselves to this Sacred Transmission. For a time, we dance purely in these realms, bringing through the Inspiration that will then run laced through our days and nights, interfusing with our daily lives, weaving into every thought, breath and action.

Reiki goes beyond the simple dualistic play of light healing shadow, of healer and recipient. It is deeper, more dynamic and mysterious than this. Every moment of Reiki healing is a unique, creative occurrence with an alchemy that dawns between the individuals involved.

And giving Reiki, being the healer, has very little to do with being a perfect expression of Light. It arises as a passion, a calling, simply to play one’s part in this dynamic arising of the Natural Light, in its dance. So much is received and learnt in the act of giving Reiki. I am transformed by every healing I give, the wisdom inherent in my client teaches me yet another aspect of reality, and the exchange is mysterious and beyond the simple duality of any roles I could describe.

In the space of Reiki, in the happening of Reiki, we fulfill our transcendent capacities, we become bearers of an angelic offering: we enter into a dance of Soul. There is a sense of fulfillment, of finally participating in something real, that touches the fabric of Reality and makes a difference.

Wingtip to wingtip, as healer and receiver we are interwoven in a beautiful dance whose dynamics go beyond the apparent.

As I lay there last night receiving healing, I experienced the healing as an angelic dance that flowed in all directions, back and forth between us. There was no point of origination, no beginning and no ending.This is the wonder of Reiki, that surpasses ordinary possibility and definition. As angels dancing with one another, both healer and recipient are aspects of Love’s myriad and mysterious ways.

Coming to Reiki is, I believe, no coincidence. We have known each other for lifetimes, we have given healing countless times. There are lifetimes when, even as flower, stone and bear, we have been participants in this miraculous dance of Reiki.

Let us allow for this inheritance of a natural and starlit beauty.

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