We shall be staying on the land of the White Lion Trust, the Tsau! Conservancy of Timbavati, which is situated in 4,400 acres of protected savanna bushveld. This is in the heart of Timbavati, the White Lion ancestral territories. Timbavati translates as “the place where the star lions came to earth”. This is the place where, 400 years ago, according to African lore, ‘a star fell to earth’, following which the sacred White Lions were born in this place, along with many other white and unusual animals. All White Lions worldwide are ancestrally linked to the White Lions of Timbavati. The Elders call them angelic star messengers, who herald profound changes on the earth and have especially incarnated at this time to guide us back to the Greater Sacred Reality.

The area of Timbavati has long been held as sacred by the African tribes, and was occupied by the Tsonga people until they were evicted by colonisation. They regarded the White Lions as the most sacred beings of Africa, and neither hunted nor killed them. Once they were evicted, however, they could no longer protect them, and the white lions have for decades been hunted, poached and removed from Timbavati. The White Lion Trust is the creation of Linda Tucker, who has brought about the restoration of the White Lions to their ancestral land. Through her extraordinary courage and intervention, there are now around 12 white lions who roam free in Timbavati.

Through a magical and life-changing encounter with Lion Shaman Maria Khosa, Linda was introduced to the role of the White Lions in the ascension of the earth and humanity. Through years of initiation into Africa’s indigenous shamanism, she came to discover her own destiny as Keeper of the White Lions, which led to her role in the rescue of Marah, the white lioness and her two cubs, from Johannesburg zoo. It has taken more than 25 years for white lions to return to Timbavati after their disappearance. These beautiful stories can be read in Linda Tucker’s books Mystery of the White Lions and Saving the White Lions. They also form an incredible introduction to the star teachings of Africa.

She has established the White Lion Trust, a registered non-profit organisation, that has secured ancestral heritage lands of around 4,400 acres. Here the White Lions can roam protected from poachers and hunters in their natural environment. They have been integrated with the existing prides of golden lions, and three prides now roam freely in their ancestral heritage lands. The White Lion Trust still seeks to gain National Heritage Site status for these lands, and a ban on hunting the Sacred White Lions. By participating in this retreat, we will also be supporting the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, that is working to protect these rare and sacred lions, and the beautiful indigenous cultures that hold ancestral custodianship of this land.

Timbavati is a land of undulating savannah, a land of grass and trees, forests of acacia, mopane and bushwillow. It’s soil is sandy, formed of granite and gneiss, rock types that are rich in feldspar and quartzite. It is rich in wildlife: bush elephants, buffaloes, kudu, zebra, giraffe, impala, blue wildebeest, waterbucks and warthog, as well as their predators: lions, leopard, cheetahs and spotted hyena.

For many centuries the land of Timbavati has been honoured as sacred by the African tribes. Timbavati is situated on a ley line that runs the length of Africa and is known as the Nilotic Meridian. The Nilotic Meridian is known as ‘Zep Tepi’ in Egyptian, which translates as ‘First Time’. Zep Tepi is the time when the Shining Ones came to earth and first created her sacred realities: it is a time of the original star civilisations of the earth. In African shamanic lore, it is known as an underground shower of stars mirroring the Milky Way; a subterranean river of gold, and connects also to the waters. Its African name is Lulungwa Mangakatsi.

Many significant sacred sites and temples are found on this meridian, including the Giza plateau and the Great Sphinx, the Temple of Philae, Great Zimbabwe and Timbavati, the birthplace of the White Lions.

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1st ~ 9th November, 2017

9 Day Retreat

Timbavati, South Africa

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