Temple of the Silver Wheel

One year Elvenstar Ascension Journey
Awakening as an Elder Soul & Star of the New Dawn

13 Moons Travelling through the Glyphs of the Silver Wheel

in Glastonbury, UK
March 2018 ~ 2019


Enter the realms of the Silver Wheel that truly have the capacity to carry you beyond, into your fifth-dimensional Dawn Star embodiment, beyond the old structures ~ into the etheric architecture of the New Earth and your own soul infused path for the New Dawn

These are graceful, wise, authentic ascension teachings….


* empowerment of your role as an Elder & Star of the Dawn
* remembrance of your gifts & wisdom from the lifetimes of Lemuria, Atlantis & other stellar, galactic existences
* a lifting of the veils of forgetfulness, doubt and anxiety that have inhibited and hindered you
* freedom from aeons of hiddenness, so that you may become visible as a Star of the Dawn
* profound trust in your own innate gifts, power & mastery

* learn how to walk a path of wise grace in the process of ascension
* step onto the parallel ground of the New Earth
* attunement to the natural, organic cycles and rhythms of the earth and stars
* access inter-dimensional existence in parallel realms with grace, strength & balance

* upgrade to the celestial, galactic, elemental codes of the New Dawn
* activation of your 12 stranded, angelic DNA for fifth dimensional, Dawn Star embodiment
* walk the path of Peace, the path of the Immortal Star, here upon earth

* enter a beautiful community of Elder Souls

Many of us are remembering that we have walked the earth in this inspired state of ascended grace before, we are receiving our star memories and the other-dimensional echoes of the early starlight ages of the earth. It is shimmering through into visibility ever more, a radically different way of being on the earth that is becoming accessible in this Now moment.

You are one of the People of the Stars who are born in this lifetime to restore the sacred realms of the Earth. Her hidden star realms and her angelic timeline are blossoming through you. You have this extraordinary sensitivity to the Light-infused realms of the New Earth, and the inner knowledge of a dimensional shift that you are here to bring.

These shamanic ceremonies of the Silver Wheel, through Elven starlight language and sounding of drum, bell, singing bowl & chime, bring deep cellular metamorphosis and release the veils of forgetfulness that have bound us in. Founded in the glyphs of the Silver Wheel, the ascension codes of the New Dawn, and the wise grace of the Elven Ones and Star Elders, they profoundly activate our remembrance and role as an Elder and Star of the Dawn.

The Elvenstar ascension journey shall also involve the creation of four magical treasures of the Elder Soul

* a medicine pouch of deerskin, or cloth
* a cloak
* an Elder Staff
* a crown/diadem

And finally, the creation of a fifth treasure, a personal Medicine Shield of your dreaming for the New Dawn. The Temple of the Silver Wheel is truly designed to hold you and then to vanish in the presence of your own emergent essence and powers of the New Dawn, gifting you with a luminous and shimmering medicine shield of your New Dawn dreaming and role.

It shall culminate in the creation of a physical medicine shield ~ crafted out of a woven willow hoop, painted, sewn, stitched symbols, crystals, beads, stones, feathers onto deerskin, cloth or canvas representing the 13 powers and gifts you actualise and bring through the initiations of the 13 glyphs and moons. It shall be a sacred and radiant medicine shield that you bring into being through this great journey of Light in Avalon ~ a beacon of the otherworldly radiance of the New Dawn that you carry and hold.

There shall be a final Medicine Walk & Day Vision Quest in the woods and marshes of Avalon, where the swans and the deer are to be found amongst the golden reeds and the woods of birch, willow and oak woods that still hold the template of the ancient pure energy of Avalon. Here are seen heron, kingfisher, otter, white egret, moorhen and many, many others….. and we shall gather physical gifts from the natural realms for the creation of the Medicine Shield, crystallizing the gifts of the entire year into one holy vision.

To support your magical journey, you shall receive

* a full set of 13 Silver Wheel vibrational essences to work with
* 27 Silver Wheel glyphs & illustrations A4 prints for your sacred space & altars through the year

There shall also be an emphasis on the ceremonies of the cosmic and earthly portals of Winter & Summer Solstice, Spring & Autumn Equinox, Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas & Samhain, and meditations & practices for working with the energies of sunrise, sunset and the phases of the Moon. Restoration of the beautiful cosmic dance and natural wisdom of the Elder Soul!

The Course Dates

This is a One Year course, composed of a complete journey through the 13 glyphs and moons of the Silver Wheel. It shall take place through a sequence of non-residential ceremonies and teachings in Glastonbury, UK.

This is limited to a group of 7 people, and shall be a small & magical circle of Elder Souls

Swanfeather Moon
1st Glyph Teaching

Monday, 19th March ~ Thursday, 22nd March

Awaken your original starlight vow to the earth, your vow to make this transfiguration as a Shining One & Elder Soul of the New Dawn. Take up your Swanfeather Cloak and become visible as a Star of the Dawn. Begins at 6pm on Monday evening, ending at 4.30pm on Thursday

Sunstar Moon
2nd Glyph Teaching

Wednesday, 2nd May ~ Friday, 4th May

Travelling into the realm of the Sunstar, to receive the new solar light codes, so that your dreams & radiance may be renewed. Beginning at 6pm on Wednesday, ending at 4.30pm on Friday

Star Kindred
3rd Glyph Teaching

Wednesday, 23rd May ~ Friday, 25th May

Send out the blue galactic butterflies of re-connection to your star kindred, your true kindred alliances & companions of the soul, moving beyond karmic relationship. Beginning at 6pm on Wednesday, ending at 4.30pm on Friday

Starlight Listening Moon
4th Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 26th June ~ Thursday, 28th June

Awaken your starlight language & listening, your inter-dimensional sensitivity and higher perception with the golden galactic butterflies & the spirit of the deer. Begins at 6pm on Tuesday, ending at 4.30pm on Thursday

Silver Grove Moon
5th Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 17th July ~ Thursday, 19th July

Ascend to the Silver Grove of the Stars that is woven around the earth, and in the presence of the Ascended Elders, remember your higher purpose & destiny as a Guardian of the New Dawn. Beginning at 6pm on Tuesday, ends at 4.30pm on Thursday

Starflower Aura Moon
6th Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 14th August ~ Thursday, 16th August

Awaken the Starflower Aura, the codes of the ancient flower of Light within. This is the 12 stranded angelic DNA of the Dawn ~ its starflowers of sapphire, white-gold, silver, rose, emerald, ruby, violet, aquamarine, magenta, gold, peach, pearl, and the all-encompassing diamond radiance. Begins at 6pm on Tuesday, ends 4.30pm on Thursday

Moonstone Waters Moon
7th Glyph Teaching

Monday, 17th September ~ Wednesday, 19th September

Surrender to the flow of Great Mystery. Enter the realms of mystery and enchantment, the lost codes of the realm of the Eveningstar, the Lady of the Lake, and the wisdom of the waters for the New Dawn. Begins at 6pm on Monday, ends at 4.30pm on Wednesday

Grandmother Turtle
8th Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 9th October ~ Thursday, 11th October

Move into true abundance with the wisdom of Grandmother Turtle. Move beyond 3D concepts of limitation and scarcity, connecting with the infinite abundance, beneficence and love at the heart of the earth, as held by Grandmother Turtle. Begins at 6pm on Tuesday, ends at 4.30pm on Thursday

Star Walker Moon
9th Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 13th November ~ Thursday, 15th November

Release the old archetype, version of self, mythic constellation your have been holding. Let the old dream go, as one who is born to dismantle the realities of the old way, and bring in the cosmic archetypes, codes and instructions of a New Celestial Wave of Love. Begins 6pm on Tuesday, ends at 4.30pm on Thursday

Atlantis Moon
10th Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 11th December ~ Thursday, 13th December

Awaken the sacred imagination, and the power of your visionary awareness to access the true nature of reality. Travelling to Atlantis, we shall activate the lost spiritual gifts, skills & wisdom of that time, so that you can embrace your role as a Sacred Creator of reality once more. Begins 6pm on Tuesday, ends at 4.30pm on Thursday

Stardust Moon
11th Glyph Teaching

Monday, 7th January ~ Wednesday, 9th January

Consecrate the ground of your ordinary life with the wisdom of stardust. Activate your ancestral and akashic records of ways of living upon the earth with wise grace, beauty & balance. This shall be a journey deep into remembrance of Lemuria. begins 6pm on Monday, ending at 4.30pm on Wednesday

Morningstar Moon
12th Glyph Teaching

Wednesday, 6th February ~ Friday, 8th February

Enter the Morningstar Lodge of the Eagle Elders, and make a quantum leap into your Sacred Dream for the New Dawn. This is a time radical metamorphosis, of stepping across the threshold, letting go of hesitation, of preparation, of unreadiness, and becoming the Rainbow Butterfly of the Dawn. Begins at 6pm on Wednesday, ends at 4.30pm on Friday

Unicorn Moon
13th Glyph Teaching

Tuesday, 19th March ~ Friday, 22nd March

This is the final gathering for the Elder Circle of the Silver Wheel. It shall be a longer gathering, when we can come together to complete our initiation as Elders of the Silver Wheel, stepping through the Diamond Portal of the Unicorn, and receiving her sacred initiation as Dreamers who make the Sacred Dream real. Beginning at 6pm on Tuesday, ending at 4.30pm on Friday



This is a non-residential course, and all gatherings and ceremonies shall be held at the Avalon Centre, in the heart of Glastonbury. Find directions here…


Investment for the Course: £2,144

All inclusive of teaching & crafting materials, a full set of Silver Wheel essences, A4 glyphs & illustrations (worth over £450)

The deposit to book your place is £500

Payment Plans available:

4 Payments of £411 on 11th April/ 11th July/11th October/11th January

2 Payment s of £822 on 11th April/11th October

You will also need to invest in 1 Year membership for Chalice Well gardens & the Abbey grounds, for about £30 each. We can send you links for this, or you can do it during the first gathering in Glastonbury


If you are interested in the Silver Wheel Course, and would like to ask any further questions, or to book your place, do email Elen at elen@elentompkins.com

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