Temple of the Morningstar

Temple of the Morningstar Retreat
at Earthspirit Centre, near Avalon
Monday, 29th January ~ Sunday, 4th February

Finding your Guiding Star of the Dawn
Accessing the next level of your New Dawn Radiance

At the time of the Imbolc Full Moon, of the snowdrop, we gather to call in the Morningstar Temple of the Dawn in Avalon…

here to become, each one of us, a Morningstar Lamp, a lantern of the Dawn

To deepen into our guiding starlight, that Soul Star essence and vibration that we are here to offer for the New Dawn on Earth

Bringing through the dreams of the realm of the Everlasting Stars and the higher vibrational starlight worlds, accessing the next level of your New Dawn radiance and destiny, entering the sacred adventure…

that which hovers, waiting to be gifted…

the metamorphosis of the butterfly

into a hope, that cannot be extinguished

These shamanic ceremonies of the Silver Wheel, through Elven starlight sounding, drum, bell, singing bowl & chimes, bring deep cellular metamorphosis and release the veils of forgetfulness. Founded in the glyphs of the Silver Wheel, the ascension codes of the New Dawn, and the wise grace of the Elven Ones and Star Elders, they profoundly activate our remembrance and role as an Elder and Star of the Dawn

£1, 100



This shall take place through:

* guided Elvenstar meditations
* transmission of the glyphs of the Silver Wheel
* Elven starlight language and vibrationally transformative shamanic sounding
* deepen into the realms of the Silver Wheel and its wisdom
* communion with the sacred landscape of Avalon

The benefits and effects:

* activation of Soul Star vision for the New Dawn
* release of old patterns that have been holding you back
* clearing of seals and blocks to access an expanded remembrance of who you are
* access your wisdom & gifts from the early starlight ages of the earth and stellar existences
* empowerment into a profound trust of your own innate gifts and destiny
* deepen your communion with kindred star souls, with the Elven Ones, Star Elders & land of Avalon

This is a fully residential retreat, all food and lodging included, at the award-winning Earthspirit Centre, in the village of Compton Dundon, just outside Glastonbury. It is truly beautiful to be nestled here in the heart of Avalon’s sacred landscape. Single and shared en-suite rooms are available. See the website here www.earthspirit-centre.co.uk

Each Elvenstar Silver Wheel retreat is both a personal journey and an epic adventure of the earth and stars. Each one is truly a ceremony of the New Dawn, altering our reality on both an individual and collective level.

This shall be the rising of the Temple of the Morningstar in the land of Avalon, that shall light the lamp of the Morningstar in profoundly beautiful ways, bringing through a mystery that yet remains to be known…

This retreat is fully residential with a range of accommodation options. You can either have
*Single with en-suite bathroom
*Shared with en-suite bathroom
*Single with shared bathroom
Please enquire for individual pricing on these alternatives…

The food is all inclusive and is vegetarian, with individual dietary requirements met and catered for. It is a beautiful and cosy dining room, overlooking the gardens, where we’ll gather for nourishment ~ tea and cake also!

There shall be a sacred space using the hot tub and sauna (optional) for release, cleansing and prayer as part of the ceremonies

We shall walk in the sacred landscape of Avalon ~ its hills and woodland ~ the ceremonies are always created intuitively in accordance with the gifts and capabilities that we bring, and there is always space for those who are not able to walk far to hold the still centre of the dreaming. Do communicate if you have any questions concerning this!

Email Elen for booking & further information…