Swanfeather Weekend

A vast expansion of swanfeathers is felt, a celestial and inner spaciousness, a ground swept clear, shimmering cosmic templates anchoring into this world. The powerful dynamic of ascension and descension: the elemental body awakens to her celestial DNA, her blueprint long-written in sapphire, created in the time of Lemuria and earlier. These are the higher dimensional star realms of the earth within, beautifully encoded, the sapphire footprints of the ascended Angelic path on earth. It is a memory and a sphere being accessed ~ the original, ethereal strands of our DNA being swept clean and restored. The Elven Ones, the Shining Ones and we ourselves are architects of this transformation: it is spoken of in the Deerskin Book as the restoration of the Lost Temples.

And it is a restoration, but it is also the inauguration of that which has never existed before. As the elemental body is uplifted, deepened, expanded into its full shining spectrum, as ancient gifts and propensities awoken, so too does it magnetize and attract the vaster frequencies of the Dawn, the incoming new frequencies and visions. There is a marriage at new and higher levels of all that we are.

The Communication of new cosmic templates falls as a swanfeather cloak of grace, as fresh inspiration and renewal. The ancient soul is swept clean of its weight, its weariness, its grief and invited to move beyond fear into Love.

From the ancient we move into timelessness, from struggle we move into the rhythms of inspired grace. It is not about perfection, but a profound upliftment, dancing with the shadow and the light from a place of higher integration. There is a sense of empowerment, a witnessing of one’s shadows and radiances presenting new creative potentials for fusion and inter-fusion. Instead of a pendulum swing between light and dark, escaping and chasing the good and the bad within, there comes into being an all-encompassing field of self-forgiveness, of acceptance. We open our arms to all that we are, and allow this wondrous metamorphic dance, this divine shifting of energies. We surrender the drama of self-judgement, for the dynamic creation and re-creation of energies ~ the sheer joy of this innermost creativity and natural evolution. With focus, dedication and devotion, we witness the densest of structures dismantling, with inherent mastery, we remember the magic of surrender and re-birth. With patient love, we stand over the creation and re-creation of worlds within.

And with all the powers of our love and our imagination, we move beyond dismantlement into creation, and welcome the swanfeathers of celestial inspiration, the incoming cosmic templates. These are our holy, holy treasures. And increasingly, no matter how afraid we may feel, we are making their reality manifest.

Like a Swan descending onto the waters, the celestial visions are designed to enter the deepest layers of embodiment. Descending through shimmering portals of violet`gold, blue-gold, silver-blue, aquamarine, shimmering gold, peach and rose, donning the veils of the cloak of embodiment one at a time, the Swan essence descends.

In the glow of sapphire lantern light, the Swan Elders, the People of the Stars stand all around. They hold this grace of having come from the star realms so very long ago, of having anchored here celestial grace, and they are here to welcome your Divine Vision into this world once more. They know how to help us in this epic and tremendous time of remembrance. With powerful gentleness they help us to walk as Stars upon the earth again, to remember ourselves for who we truly are. We are them, and they are us ~ we have done all this before.

By Swanfeather & Sapphire

With All My Love


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