Swanfeather Cloak

11th & 12th March
2 Day Workshop
at Goddess House, Avalon



Discover the Swan Feather Cloak of your far star beauty and otherworldly grace. Through shamanic journeys of drum & Elven starlight sounding, you shall travel to your sacred star origins and activate your Lemurian self.

We shall spend an enchanting and magical 2 days together in the sacred landscape of Avalon, and there are just 7 places available. Follow your heart to join this exquisite ceremony of sapphire and swan feather, awakening your path as a dreamer of the New Earth.

This is an activation of an ancient and exquisitely beautiful way of being upon the earth that dwells within your innermost heart and remembrance.

Powerful awakening and inspiration for the dreamers of the New Earth.

Transmission of the First Glyph from Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book. This is a unique initiation that does not require experience of the other Silver Wheel teachings or transmissions. It shall be a transformative & sacred experience unto itself.


Book My Place!

* discover the Swanfeather Cloak of your Sacred Dream
* work with the wisdom of Lemuria & your Lemurian self
* travel in exquisite guided meditation into the Elvenstar realms
* enter a transformational ceremony of sapphire & swanfeather
* let the beautiful Elven language awaken your soul

You shall receive:

* individual attunement to First Glyph
* sacred gifts of swan feather & sapphire
* beautiful print of Glyph and Swanfeather Cloak illustration for your altar & sacred space

11th & 12th March

2 Day non-residential Workshop

at Goddess House, Avalon





Goddess House is a lovely Georgian house situated in the heart of Glastonbury on Magdalene Street, overlooking the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. Find further details & directions here…


Please do contact Elen if you have any further questions about this workshop. You can email her at elen@elentompkins.com