Sunstar Workshop

Sunstar Ceremony
2 Day Workshop in Avalon
22nd & 23rd April


Another beautiful weekend where the frequencies of a new Solar Age, of a New Dawn, flowed through.

Under the leafing trees of Avalon, we quested for long-lost other-dimensional gifts whose time it is to return. For this is a time of returning skills, abilities and talents that we never knew we had. Gifts that have been stored away and hidden far away in other dimensions, that were not energetically compatible with the realms of density through which we have travelled, yet now as we ascend they begin to glimmer and shine, to make themselves visible, to send out a call to us that they wish to be found and activated in this Eternal Now moment.

In the teachings of Silver Wheel, these lost treasures, long held and hidden, are symbolized by the Moonstone Orb. This Orb holds the subtle inner iridescence, the shifting hues of the rainbow moonstone.

Pale and mysterious, it holds the dreams that have become hidden throughout this last aeon of darkness and forgetfulness upon earth. The version of ourselves that has not been accessible through the veil of density.

Yet this is a time of startling remembrance, awakening and returning gifts.

For many of us, there is a fear of sharing these beautiful gifts, of becoming visible in this way. We fear the betrayal and the breaking of this beautiful Moonstone of our Dreams. We have all been betrayed, it is our planetary reality, recovering from the wound of betrayal is one of the deepest acts of healing and return we can make. The rupture of the broken moonstone is a sacred gift. We both do and do not wish to bring our gifts to this world ~ there is an ambivalence ~ part of us wishes to simply return to those other~dimensional realms ~ or to keep the realms forever separate.

Within the hidden moonstone lies the path of return. The most subtle cosmic healing frequencies are arriving with the moonstone frequencies ~ codes of sacred purity and immortality.

And so we travel into the Shining Realms to recover the Moonstone Orb.

In a cave in the forest, its walls engraved with glyphs, there exists a violet-flame stairwell that leads in a descending spiral to an underground lake. This is the Moonstone Lake, its waters shimmering with otherworldly codes ~ a sheer, opalescent surface.

Around its waters lie the sleeping dragons. They are the guardians, the protectors, and when the Moonstone Orb returns to this world, so too shall they awaken.

Through the waters that are filled with pure Immortal Light Codes, we swim to find the Moonstone Orbs there hidden.

Deep within the waters of the Moonstone Lake we dive, swimming ever downward, feeling the shimmering frequencies, passing through underwater tunnels, to a faraway cavern.

Here are the Moonstone Orbs.

This is a treasure you have stored so faraway that none shall ever reach it, none shall find it. It is a treasure, a power, a gift. A version of yourself.

Why is there so much pain attached to bringing our gifts out ~ sometimes it hurts too much to contemplate ~ and sometimes we glimpse liberation and wonder why it is so difficult.

Yet now here it is, this hidden treasure ~ a higher dimensional, otherworldly power that is your own Soul Essence, Sacred Dream and gift.

So beautiful, the activation of these gifts, their re-discovery, from that place beyond. Carrying them back to this world, upward through the waters of the lake, to the shore where the sleeping dragons lie. And there presenting the Moonstone Orbs to these beautiful, long-slumbering beings. The transmission, the message, that it is time for your Dragon of the Dawn to awaken.

By dragon flight, the Moonstone Orb returns to this world


This is a time of return, this is a time of remembrance. We bring our gifts back, not a to a hostile world, but to the awakening star web of the New Earth. We are an awakening node in this star weaving, and it is into this we offer the Moonstone Orb of our gifts, qualities and talents.

We offer this energetically, feeling its message and frequency ripple into the star weaving, into the many realms ~ a message that we are one of the Starry Angelic Ones awakening.

We walk with the Moonstone Orbs in procession through Avalon to the Tor, offering them to the star map of the New Earth as we pass through its nodes ~ offering our other-dimensional gifts into that great weaving.

We can know the energetics and dynamics of the New Earth energies, they are available to our senses.

It is time to carry the Moonstone Orb of our gifts into the realm of the Sunstar ~ for activation and awakening with the frequencies of the New Dawn.


Gently, to the sound of the drum, we gather on the western flank of the Tor in the meadow. Beneath us, within the earth, runs the White Spring.
We gather in a circle, holding the Moonstone Orbs

The Dragonfly Paths flash into existence all around us ~ violet pathways that shall carry us into the realm of the Sunstar. They are traced all over the Tor, leading to her summit, and across the Chalice Well gardens.

It is time for each of us to follow the Dragonfly Path, flying on our Dragon of the Dawn, through the amethyst gates and into the Realm of the Sun.

It is time for each of us to carry the Moonstone Orb of Dreams into the Sunlight. To allow it to be lit with awakened radiance once more ~ to become visible and glorious.

On the Dragonfly path we learn the lesson of Dragonfly ~ we learn to dismantle the illusion of material reality and see through to the Greater Reality that lies beyond. So too we are dissolving the illusion of material causality in our hearts.

It is time to honour the power of our Dream, of our unseen gift ~ to remember that this is the Divine Power of Creation. Our Sacred Dream, that to some is a fairytale ~ is the Light of the World.

It is time to recover our shimmering inter-dimensionality ~ our ability to weave with Light, to be grounded in the Unseen, True Reality.

To bring through the unseen realms.

Each person walks, following the unique Dragonfly Path of their heart, trusting themselves. Carrying the Moonstone Orb.

And the Tor appears as a Pyramid of the Sun, the angelics, galactic and Star Elders there present ~ so that we might receive that benediction of solar radiance ~ to discover how the moonstone gifts might be made manifest in this world.

And then as we dance upon the flank of the Tor, the spiralling golden realms of the Sun descend, falling in rivers of gold to the earth. Gold and silver, in rippling tendrils, like strands of golden hair loosening onto the earth.

And they fall to the star paths, the old ways, within the ground. And the white pods of Gaia’s old sunlight are touched by the incoming gold, and much that has long been slumbering stirs. The old golden grid fills with Sunstar radiance, old enchantment awakening. It is a gradual stir ~ these are changing times, and there is so much more to come.

Yet the message is sent ~ the messengers of the Dawn awakening their own gift to dance the Dawn awake.

To awaken the time-capsules, the seed pods for this next Great Era of Light on Earth.


The topaz and golden spires of the Ceremonies of Sunstar and the Summer Palace of the Stars are inter-weaving and reforming the Elven spheres and towers of Avalon. This beautiful etheric architecture is being restored and created anew as never before through the grace of the Elvenstar Ceremonies for the New Dawn.

Avalon is shining again ~ her great inter-dimensional soul presence is emergent. As a beacon and heart centre for the New Earth, she is immense. Clad in swanfeathers, the swanfeather people emerge once more, sacred founders and guardians.

Whence does the seed essence and sacred citadel of Lemuria arise? Avalon…

Avalon holds the sacred planetary music ~ the symphony of the soul essence of the inter-galactic earth. She is one of the eternal realities of the earth, one of the nodes that anchors her existence, created by the Elders of Creation in the Immortal Realms.

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