Starflower Ceremony

26th & 27th August
2 Day Workshop
at the Goddess Hall, Avalon

In shamanic journey and ceremony , enter the lost Elven Star wisdom of the flower. Discover your immortal aura, the ancient flower within. This is your portal between worlds, your travelling starship into the realms of the New Earth. Through drum and Elven starlight sounding, we access our most beautiful & subtle wisdom.

We shall spend an enchanting and magical 2 days together, in the sacred landscape of Avalon. You shall receive the attunement to the Sixth Glyph of the Silver Wheel, a deep activation of your own Star Flower Aura.



Fully Booked


* exquisite Elvenstar guided meditation to discover your flower lineage
*mandalas of petal & sound, orchid & rose
* working with the flower devas & sacred gardens of Avalon

You will receive:

* sacred gift of rose gypsum
*individual attunement to Elvenstar glyph
*beautiful print of Sixth glyph and Orchid Elder Illustration

26th & 27th August

2 day Workshop in Avalon

10am ~ 5pm

Fully Booked

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We shall be in the Goddess Hall, on Benedict Street in Glastonbury, a truly lovely venue. To discover more directions and details, click here…

If you have any further questions about the workshop, do please contact Elen at