Stardust Moon

Beloved Stars of the Dawn,

Blessings of the New Moon. This is the Stardust Moon of the Deer Elder. Grace of the Shining One, she walks along the river, gathering lost treasures of gold and moonstone and amethyst into her embroidered pouch. In her willow basket she carries the seeds of the ancient moons, the old Moons of Lemuria. This is the lost rainbow of the Sacred Earth, that is the New Earth flowing through our hearts.

In quiet beauty this Elvenstar moon arises. Its old Lemurian radiance is that of amber and golden topaz, and the magic of the stardust garden that we create within our hearts. It is a beautiful old Lemurian and shamanic teaching, that with the soul gift of our imagination, we can create an inner garden. It is our sanctuary and our most private inner space, that takes the loveliest form we can possibly imagine. We can design every inch of this space, every corner ~ its place on the earth, its surroundings. It is a place that we tend, of which we are the sacred gardener.

This is the place to which we can go for nourishment of the soul and peace. It is a place for dreaming, for belonging. The Elven Ones long for us to take up this sacred gift of our imagination, of our dreaming power once more. They long for us to discover the lost grace of our hearts, that hold within the sacred realms of the earth and stars. If we discover the hidden rainbow magnificence of what we can create at the level of Light, then how we shall shake free the false bondage and fear by which we have been held. How we shall slip the shackles of the doubt and guilt that have kept us caught in circles of confusion.

Our imaginations, rather than constructing the land of our fears, shall be given over to their sacred function once more. Let us learn, gently, to craft with the magic stardust placed in our hands by the Shining Ones. This is their gift, so long have they been the dreamers of the sacred earth. They place this shimmering and quiet dust in our hands, and bid us shake it to the ground, to become the soil of our sacred, inner garden. Make this a practice, to be there. Visit this garden, see it evolve around you. Discover that it has a mysterious life of its own.

Golden topaz and amber: she pours the magic Stardust into your hands.

Sprinkle this star dust upon the ground, and see the ethereal garden that springs forth. Its blossoms and inner lanterns that shine embedded in niches. That realm of inner rainbow radiance from which you may travel all the shining pathways of heaven and earth. Cultivate this garden and care for it. Spend time there. Feel the peace and the sanctuary. Know this dimension between the realms that is your own. Know stillness and peace. Know the stilling of your heart to its own rhythms of innermost beauty.

This is the Stardust Moon. Through the inner garden the Elven Ones, pass. They long for you to dream again, to remember how powerful your heart.

As the gardens of the outer world become bare, so the inner worlds blossom.

With Love & Shining Blessings,



This beautiful teaching shall be shared at the next Elvenstar Meditation group in Avalon
Thursday, 5th January

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