Star Traveller Retreat

1st ~ 9th November, 2017
9 Day Retreat
Timbavati, South Africa


We shall share the Elvenstar teachings of the Silver Wheel on a magical trip to meet with the White Lions in their sacred homeland of Timbavati. This is the Elvenstar Moon of the Star Traveller, and our great initiation into the unknown. On a 9 day retreat we shall allow this to be a vision quest into the unknown, expanding into a new vision of ourselves, our star origins and destiny

 In the presence of the Lions, we shall learn what it means to become deeply and permanently infused with one’s angelic presence, to awaken as a Star Creator of new and beautiful realities, in harmony with all the realms.

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It is a rare and extraordinary honour to offer this retreat to be with the White Lions of Timbavati.

Like the Elven Ones, they are one of the Founder star lineages of our planet, and are here to return us to her Sacred Dream

* Each day we’ll experience a dawn and dusk patrol to commune with the ‘royal family’ of white lions themselves in their ancient and sacred heartland. They are as in the wild as its possible to get and this is an experience beyond words. You shall learn how to tune in and receive soul messages from the Lions

* We’ll visit the ancient Star Rock with Linda Tucker who is The Keeper of the White Lions, and an extraordinary and courageous shaman in her own right.

* We’ll visit Blyde River Canyon and the Unicorn Portal. The guardians of this sacred land are a roaming herd of 400 wild horses, believed by Linda Tucker to guard over a Unicorn Portal to other dimensional realms. Experience these beautiful sights and tune in to the messages emanating from the sacred portal

You shall receive attunements to the full mandala of the Elvenstar glyphs of Silver Wheel and experience the beautiful Elvenstar ceremonies in the land of Africa. The dynamic between the Elvenstar transmissions and the wisdom we receive from the White Lions is going to be something truly special.

It shall be a profound anchoring into the Ascended Star realms of the Earth, and the reality of the New Dawn.

Timbavati translates as “the place where the star lions came to earth”. This is the place where, 400 years ago, according to African lore, ‘a star fell to earth’, a starship witnessed by the Queen Numbi, and afterwards the sacred White Lions were born to this place on Earth, and no other. The Elders call them angelic star messengers, who herald profound changes on the earth and have especially incarnated at this time to guide us back to the Greater Sacred Reality.

Timbavati is a land of undulating savannah, a land of grass and trees, forests of acacia, mopane and bushwillow. It’s soil is sandy, formed of granite and gneiss, rock types that are rich in feldspar and quartzite. It is rich in wildlife: bush elephants, buffaloes, kudu, zebra, giraffe, impala, blue wildebeest, waterbucks and warthog, as well as their predators: lions, leopard, cheetahs and spotted hyena.

For many centuries the land of Timbavati has been honoured as sacred by the African tribes. Timbavati is situated on a ley line that runs the length of Africa and is known as the Nilotic Meridian. The Nilotic Meridian is known as ‘Zep Tepi’ in Egyptian, which translates as ‘First Time’. Zep Tepi is the time when the Shining Ones came to earth and first created her sacred realities: it is a time of the original star civilisations of the earth. In African shamanic lore, it is known as an underground shower of stars mirroring the Milky Way; a subterranean river of gold, and connects also to the waters. Its African name is Lulungwa Mangakatsi.

Many significant sacred sites and temples are found on this meridian, including the Giza plateau and the Great Sphinx, the Temple of Philae, Great Zimbabwe and Timbavati, the birthplace of the White Lions.

This trip to the White Lions, in the sacred land of Timbavati situated upon the Zep Tepi meridian, shall be a journey into the sacred reality of our planet ~ a beautiful Elven prayer for her ascensional timeline.

To find out more about the White Lion Trust & the land of Timbavati, click here…


We shall be staying in rondavel African dwellings, on the land of the White Lion Trust in Timbavati, in the heart of the White Lions ancestral lands. Discover more about accommodation & travel…

The retreat is inclusive of all lodging, food and internal travel in South Africa. You will need to book your flight separately, and we will advise you of good times and dates for travel. See more about travel arrangements here…

You can book your place using the booking page on this website, or contact Elen at for any further questions, or if you prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer.

This is going to be an extraordinarily beautiful adventure, upon which we are called by the Shining Ones ~ the Star Lions and the Elven Elders ~ summoning us into a new era on earth.

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This magical video will give you a feeling for the sacred beings we are going to be with ~ the White Lions ~ Children of the Sun God