SILVER WHEEL arrives!!!

The first printed copy of ‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book‘ rests in my hands after nine years of writing! 

I am filled with wonder and gratitude that Head of Zeus publishers have produced it so beautifully. It is a treasure arrived from the otherworld, and truly they have captured the magic of this.

Its wisdom is inter-dimensional, and to have this grounded into the rustling of pages, the lines of print, the illustrations and glyphs, seems to me a miracle. How this book exists beyond me, and lights up my world….

So many years, and so much Love…




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  1. Dearest Elen, I am thrilled to see you with your brand new book in your grasp. I can already sense how my copy of it is going to glow within my world. Thank you.

    Kathryn. X

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  2. Dearest Elen
    Spine tingling opening of envelope, of your card, of your book. I begin to read and its magic already confirms what I deep-inside know, helps me remember more of beauty, stars and heaven on earth. And that the first lesson. Twelve more to go! What a priviledge to have been part of your journey for you to have interpreted these teachings and beauteous words for us…here…now. Blessed Be.
    Thankyou forever.

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