Silver Wheel Activation

Silver Wheel Activation

Receive the 13 Glyph Activation of the Silver Wheel

Become your New Soul signature for the Dawn

Elen channels the Silver Wheel glyphs through the overtones and exquisite harmonics of the starlight, Elven language, and through shamanic drum, rattle and tibetan bells. These are powerful, core activations, a deeply beautiful gift, a ceremony of the Dawn, that interfuses with your soul uniquely, activating your Dawn Star, New Earth embodiment.

The glyphs descend one by one, like a silvery gift from the skies.…

each one a finely wrought snowflake

delicate, ethereal, wild

it lands in every cell of your being, and you breathe it in

unfolding a flower of a thousand petals, a delicately wrought and intricate flower of Lemurian memory

a sapphire prayer

One by one you receive the glyphs, each a unique transmission

Each one is a luminous tone, a higher octave of colour than we have known. They are the lost codes of a past solar age: sapphire, moonstone, blue topaz, emerald, amethyst, rose quartz, lapis, peach, obsidian, star sapphire, golden topaz, fire opal, diamond

Ethereal and multi-coloured rainbow, flowers of the Tree. In colours that have not been seen on Earth in many a long while. Far spheres, beautiful coloured lights spinning deep within us ~ long hidden.

You receive this in a uniquely coherent way, as the glyphs enter your aura and activate your individual energy signature. It is vastly expansive, grounded and pure. It is a purification, a clearing of karmic imprints and trauma that have prevented us from embodying this level of radiance and spaciousness.

It is an activation for those ready to become the Sovereign Creators of new worlds, new realms, new dimensions. For those who are ready to let go of the old paradigm of material creation, and to begin to re-dream the New Reality from its crystalline ground in essence, as it arises within you.

The New Earth is a beautiful state of being, encoded within the Silver Wheel glyphs

You are shifting from the old human paradigm

to that of the New Realm

You are a silver flower emerging out of deep space, creating and re-creating itself in every moment

into the stellar, sovereign signature of your New Earth Self

and so a Star is born

These are profound activations of a beautiful way of existing that we remember, both from Lemuria and from higher-dimensional existence in the stars. It is there within us, and in an increasingly magical and natural choreography it is being awoken…

And the sacred inheritance, of far star and otherworldly wisdom begins to awaken… of a beauty beyond all reckoning, an exquisite grace and destiny

It is time to create the realms.

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