What is Shamanic Reiki?

Shamanic Reiki Techniques



White Shell Woman, Susan Seddon Boulet

A traditional Reiki session is very quiet, gentle and characterised by great simplicity. The Reiki practitioner may burn essential oils such as lavender, or smudge with sage smoke. They may play relaxing or sacred music softly in the background.

The receiver sits on a chair or lies on the Reiki table, and the practitioner places the hands just above or on the body, quietly channelling the Reiki energy.

This is a very beautiful modality.

Interwoven Shamanic Elements

These may involve:

  • Drumming & Rattling
  • Use of Crystals & Feathers
  • Chanting of Spirit Language, Sounding & Breathwork
  • Dancing Movements with Hands throughout Aura

I find that I intuitively know which shamanic tools to bring into a session. It is a beautiful, listening improvisation, quite unique to every healing session.

Drumming and Rattling are timeless shamanic techniques. Drums and rattles have long been constructed out of wood and animal rawhide, beaded with stone, crystal and glass, hung with feathers and ribbons that call to the shaman’s Spirit Guides, and enhance the connection to the Otherworld. The sounding that they bring works as a vibrational invocation to release fixed energetic imprints that are blocking soul expression and creating illness.

The Chanting of a Spirit Language brings through the high vibrational presence of healing energies and forms a bridge to one’s Spirit Guides. This greatly amplifies the healing work and accelerates the transformational process.

In both Reiki and Shamanic healing the breathing patterns of the healer often spontaneously alter to match that of the client. There can also occur deep breathing, as energies are drawn in and released through the breath. Mikao Usui himself practice giving Reiki with the breath.

Then there is the Dancing Movement of Hands through the Aura. The dancing of hands through the aura is an intuitive and direct response to the energetic patterns there stored, and can facilitate the correct flow and release of energy. The hands literally ‘Dance the Light’.

The Dance of Great Mystery

Shamanic Reiki is, for me, a surrender to Great Mystery, a profound trust and listening to the messages and promptings of Spirit. In the practice of Reiki, I am surrendering to an intelligence beyond myself and letting myself become an expression of this wondrous, primal wisdom.

Great Mystery is the Native American term for that which we might call God, Goddess, Source, or Spirit.

We are not here to solve the Mystery, but to learn to dance within its depths.


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