Shamanic Lands Event

I have just returned from a beautiful event, ‘Shamanic Lands’ organised by Davyd and Emma Farrell. It was a gathering of shamanic wisdom teachers held in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square in London. For 15 minutes, standing within this beautiful circle of people, I shared a teaching from Silver Wheel for the first time. It was the teaching of the Silver Grove and the Morningstar Message of Hope. I can barely remember those 15 minutes now, but I do remember the Star Elders standing all around us, and the golden energies of the Grove whispering through as we remembered ourselves as trees in the Immortal Forest Soul of Earth. And this, the message of the Morningstar, the Twelfth Teaching of Silver Wheel: that truly, we shall metamorphose in this one lifetime.

What is this metamorphosis? It is the awakening of the Morningstar Radiance within our hearts, it is our arising as Elders of the Grove. It is the unveiling of our timeless gifts and dreams, and the courage to make them real. These dreams arise from the great harmonic rhythms of the earth and the stars: the lost musics of Creation. We are this lost music, being restored to itself.

This is the quantum blossoming of the Tree of our Earth Soul. Echoing through this are the gifts of a Dawn long past, of Lemuria and the Elven Ones. They are stepping especially into our world at this time. Just as the Spring holds the echo of every spring that ever came before, so does this time hold the echoes of the last Great Dawn of Peace on Earth. The true timeline of our souls is being restored, and we remember how long we have evolved with wild grace towards this hour. It is a time of cumulative grace, as the wisdom of the Soul spills over, gathered from long aeons. The Elven Ones and the Star Elders are standing at our side, and so also are we coming together, Elders of the Grove forming a great canopy of inspiration. And so it is, our footsteps become infused with joy, grounded in a Hope whose prophecies are coming true.

With Love & Blessings

Elen Lightning Bearheart

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