Reiki 1 Workshop: Miracle of Self Healing

At Health Matters Clinic, Hay on Wye:  11th & 12th April, 2015

This was a very beautiful Reiki 1 Workshop.

It is an incredible thing to witness people giving Reiki for the first time. Watching the students give one another Reiki, I was struck by how naturally it came to them, and how quickly they learnt. I noticed how quickly their rapport and sensitivity developed with the one they gave Reiki to. Once someone is attuned to Reiki, it seems they have done this timelessly. They report the first sensation of radiant heat in their hands. They ‘know’ where the Reiki needs to flow.

It caused me reflections of the nature of Reiki 1, and how it evokes the presence of self-healing in our lives. This is powerful paradigm shift for many of us, as we make space, sacred space, for ourselves in our daily routine. It is thus that Reiki begins its transformative effect on the fabric of our lives.

Health Matters Clinic became an enchanted and sacred space, where we were able to vanish into the peace of  the Reiki process, surrounded by healing energies, the wisdom of the Reiki guides, delicious food, companionship and laughter.


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