Silver Wheel Essences


13 Vibrational Essences of the Silver Wheel

Choose the Essence/Essences you feel drawn to, for your awakening & remembrance as an Elder Soul of the New Dawn

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Silver Wheel is composed of 13 glyphs that are the codes for our planetary & personal ascension into the realms of the New Earth. They also correspond to the seasonal moons, the planets of the solar system, the star systems of our galaxy, the intergalactic stargates, and the flames of the celestial, Everlasting Stars.

Each one activates a different aspect of our ascension and destiny as an Elder Soul. Choose that which calls to you, the vibrational essence that sings to your soul. You can read the description, or simply let the glyphs themselves speak to you.

Directions for Use:

7 drops on the tongue, or added to your water to sip throughout the day, morning or night as required


Brandy, Red & White Spring Waters of Avalon, Energy Signature of Glyph, Brandberg Amethyst & Golden Rose

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