Silver Wheel Meditation
Online Elder Circle 

Announcing this long-dreamt Elder Circle Online

In this group, moon by moon, Elen shares the teachings of the Silver Wheel. Through shamanic journeys of drum and Elven starlight sounding, we lift the veils of forgetfulness, and travel on a journey of sacred metamorphosis and remembrance .

The Elven Star teachings of the Silver Wheel awaken long-forgotten spheres of the soul with the frequencies of the Golden Dawn, activating remembrance of the true nature of the earth and the stars and our own destiny.

*lift the veils of forgetfulness & dormancy
*awaken your ancient destiny for a New Cycle of Light on earth
*remember who you are, where you come from & why you are here

This group happens via a Zoom Meeting, which is an Online call, and you can choose whether to join as an audio, or as audio and video, and whether or not to be visible yourself. 

We shall gather for 90mins, with 60mins for the meditation and transmission, and 30mins at the end for questions and sharing as an Elder Circle

Upcoming Transmission

The next transmission will be the Tenth Glyph of the Atlantis Moon at 7pm (UK time) on Friday, 14th December


Book My Place

A couple of hours before the meeting, you will receive an email with a link to the Zoom Meeting.

Click here to find out what to do once you have the link & how to join a Zoom Meeting…


Upcoming Dates

Moonstone Waters Moon
Tuesday, 25th September

Grandmother Turtle Moon
Wednesday, 24th October

Star Walker Moon
Friday, 23rd November

Atlantis Moon
Friday, 14th December

* Further 2019 dates soon to be announced! *