Morningstar Moon

This is the Moon of the Morningstar, according to the Elven teachings.

The Morningstar Lodge is the sacred sphere of the Elven Elders, the ancient star souls who for so long have held the evolutionary vision of the Earth. They gift us a vision of her true origin and destiny.

You climb the topaz steps that spiral upwards, ascending amongst the silvery trees. It is a spiral ladder of inlaid topaz, guided into the shimmering realm of the Morningstar Lodge. It is a crystalline lodge, built only in the hours when both moon and Morningstar shine in the sky. You enter this ethereal and otherworldly sanctuary, suspended in the forest like an ancient prayer. Within are the Eagle Elders, each with a fan of feathers at their brow. Sitting in a circle, their presence is formidable…

With their gaze of fierce focus, they ask for your truest hope, for that deepest and most beautiful hope that is truly the flame and Morningstar of the Dawn

‘Hope, ancient, brilliant star of memories. Hope is the language of other worlds, other lifetimes, spiralling through into this one.’

Out of this wild, miraculous hope we fashion the pathways of the Dawn. It is found echoing deep within us, speaking of a vast and ascensional timeline for the Earth. When we discover the delicate Morningstar frequencies of this hope, we discover it is undimmed despite ten thousand years of winter. It is woven with the knowledge of Love as the greatest power of Creation. In our hands shimmers this Morningstar Light, this otherworldly Dawn, that holds the ethereal frequencies of Creation, that cannot help but emerge as new dreams, new realities. Our longing to create is now woven with the wisdom of listening to the song of the realms, to all of life. Our longing to create is sanctified, purified through our winter, become one with Love.

I see a deep recurring magenta and violet light attending this Morningstar energy. IT is the light of unconditional self-acceptance, of falling into the beauty that is already ourselves. It is gentle. It is encouraging this spaciousness of our galactic and star connections, it is encouraging our own Star Presence. This is what is so quietly and continuously opening up, a visible-invisible revolution of presence. It is dismantling the frameworks of control, the repressive assertion of material reality as primary. The false order of causality, of manifestation through ownership and appropriation, is truly falling apart within us. The true order of Creation is becoming more accessible, more natural, more immediate. This is the restoration of our Star Power, our power to create worlds, realities, dimensions from within. As more and more of the pysche surrenders its gridwork of material conditioning, so do we come into deeper and deeper trust in ourselves, and our sense of the soul’s reality. Ever finer and more immediate, the layers of the Oversoul become accessible, with dreams of ever deeper harmonic intelligence. So many bindings and mis-creations have bound this in. Yet now is the breaking of the seals, no matter how distantly or subtly encoded, there is an edict for their removal. It is the edict and declaration of the Morningstar, presided over by the fierce vigilance of the Eagle Elders, the Shining Ones, the Star Elders. The power of the Morningstar, of pure Creation according to the law of Love, is awakening within each of us.

‘We must learn to trust this Morning Star Gift, foster the pure essence, which indeed need not be hope for anything, yet simply the purified flame of hope itself, a radiant and soft-hued star which promises the blossoming of all true radiance throughout time and space.’


With Love & Blessings of the Dawn


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