Return of Lemuria

Carrying the Elven Wisdom to Avalon. It returns home, after long travels over continents, so many spirits woven into its wisdom presence. Over the well stands the ancient star magnolia tree, full with blossom. It is the perfect image and metaphor for Lemuria. It is the cosmic and the earthly enfolded into one, it is one of the most ancient flowers on the planet, and it has a presence of powerful strength and purity. It is a Lemurian star flower, that teaches us the time has come to embody our ancient wisdom, and to share the star teachings. Living in the deep, pure grace of our hearts, in a state of profound cosmic intuition, is the teaching that the Elven Ones bring. It is a different way of being. The radiance of our dreams is full of an immortal wisdom, that guides us in every moment. We are developing the courage to live this way, and to follow the pathway of natural initiations that come to us from the realms of nature, from the Cosmos itself. It is thus that the precious, timeless wisdom of our souls is being restored. It is thus that the Golden Dawn of a New Earth is occurring, into which we are guided by the Shining Ones.

We are being called into remembrance of Lemuria at this time. Like a precious gift, it offers itself. When we track our lineage back this far, what are we discovering about ourselves? What does the existence of this lost star civilisation mean for us?

It shows us that the soul has experienced vast initiatory time cycles both of summer radiance and the winter night of dreams and silence, in its lifetimes upon the earth. It reminds us of our true origins. It teaches us of a founding radiance of otherworldly loveliness: that the Earth is created by all the inter-woven powers of a universal wisdom, that her essence is founded in a deep starlight vision of Harmony. Lemuria is the early flower of our world, a grand precedent. And we carry this precedent within ourselves.

For the wisdom has never been lost, our deep starlight beginnings have never vanished. Always, into every lifetime, they have been interwoven, and we have carried them through our winter and our night, deeper and deeper into the heart of Creation. Just as in the winter, when we are cut off from the radiant and expansive qualities of the summer warmth and sun, we are driven inward, to find the nourishment of dreams within, and we become stronger, grounded in inner radiance; so too it has been for us as we have lost the cosmic story of our origins and the Grand Vision of the soul. There has been fear, isolation and uncertainty, yet there has also been the potential to become anchored in the heart, to find the Dream within. This has been the path of the mystic and the seer, and it is also a part of each of us. It is enshrined in every act of kindness, faith, generosity, trust, compassion, inspiration and gratitude. With this the star comes as deeply to earth as is possible, and the flower is born.

We are the most beautiful expression of ourselves we have ever been, as all the summer, winter, spring and autumn of our past lives lead us to this special threshold of a quantum blossoming; a time when all preparations lead to an altogether higher expression of ourselves. And this quantum leap, is the leap of the Tree that takes aeons of growth before, suddenly, it blossoms. The foundations have been built with intricate solidity, and at moments it seems darkest before the dawn, as we grow weary and impatient, and we forget the story of our beginnings; we forget our intention in setting forth on this long road.

The Shining Ones knew this Great Story that would unfold, and they knew and trusted to its perfection. What was begun in Lemuria, in the early starlight of our world, has continued throughout all phases to develop. And now we are offered the records of our true history, and the true history of the soul’s journey upon the earth.

The veil is removed, and the flower is transparent to the starlight, to the invisible realms. The spiritual and the physical become inter-woven once more. This is the wisdom of Lemuria: the knowledge of the exquisite spiritual radiance of the Earth, and our provenance in the stars. Behind us, a grand and ancient radiance shines. It is the evening star of a vanished world, it is the morning star of hope and a returning wisdom.

With a gentle, vast and golden grace, an era of the Great Ones dawns. This dawn is found within the oldest, purest dreams of our hearts, and the creation of their beautiful star dust reality.

With Blessings & Love,

Elen ‘Lightning Bearheart’

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