Magenta Cloak

Magenta, peach, fire opal and gold, dusky teal clouds. Aloft on the Tor at sunset. The waxing moon and the Eveningstar in a deep blue sky. The worn winter emeralds of Avalon.

It seems to me more and more possible that we can reach this delicate state of Creator Being on earth again.

The ethereal Elven Eveningstar Palace overarches Avalon. Delicate new shades of the Immortal Rays are pouring through. My body breathes with galactic spaciousness, Creation Light, that white star radiance, and a soft magenta shawl that keeps falling and falling through: softening the journey of every cell as the walls of protection, the walls of control gradually dismantle and fall. That which is being awakened already exists: these precious sapphire memories, a sapphire star Way of Peace.

Magenta, white star radiance, softly, softly, old robes of an Old Star, New Dawn of an Old Love

Ruby star, softly, violet flame, ruby star and violet robes: shimmering with sunstar radiance, Immortal Love.

White Star radiance, her heart. Softly, softly, the way of Love returns.

In the White Spring, a constellation of candles burn, and the lantern of the White Star Radiance where the waters tumble. The White Elvenstar waters, the holy fountain within the earth.

Her eyes, white starlight and compassion.

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