Intro to Silver Wheel

Come with me, walk with exquisite footsteps into the Shining Realms of the Elven Elders….
 Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

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‘In the heart of the forest, it appears. In the clearing before me, at the centre, lies a book. It looks very old, clad in a worn white deerskin. I touch the cover gently with my fingertips. There is something exquisitely beautiful about this book. I feel that it is something that has been much honoured and loved. Reverently, I open the cover. On page after page of pale bark that curls at the edges, is inscribed the most beautiful and mysterious script. It looks as though it is written with light itself – the flowing lines shine golden and silver and sapphire…’

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It holds the extraordinary wisdom of the Elven Ones, that shall awaken your own natural grace, your inter-dimensional gifts and ancient hope.

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Elen is a writer, shamanic healer and teacher guided by the Elven Elders. Her work is channelled through the wisdom of her own heart and her love for Great Spirit.

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‘The Elven guardian settles herself beside me, sitting cross-legged, her skirts spreading across the ground. There is a feather, white, in her hair. Her hair is moon pale and there is a glimmer of turquoise at her brow. She is the rune and the glyph of a greater harmony, a purpose beyond herself. She speaks to me, and her voice is the sound of the leaves of the Tree, a murmuring of leaves, through the yellow trail, to stars.’

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