Inspiration Calls

‘There is a Trail of Seven Ceremonies, leading Northwards, starting from Mount Shasta and the wisdom of the Giant Redwoods, leading up the North West Pacific Coast and thence into the lakes and snows of Canada.’

It is the energies of the Land that infuse my healing and spiritual work. It is the Elven Ones whose shining pathway is my pathway upon this Earth, who are my spirit and other dimensional guides. And every so often, they call me onward. I am guided to lakes and mountains, waterfalls and forests. I am guided to travel across continents, and undergo a transformational journey.

The call came in the last months of this spring, and I could see a bright trail glowing up the North Western Pacific coast of the North American continent. I did not know how we would get there, and I reluctantly witnessed my life in Wales coming to an end. It was hard to leave the beautiful work of the Reiki Share and the wonderful students and Reiki practitioners I have met.

But the call had come, and I sat for quiet hours with harp and drum, with the silence and candles of my healing altar, and called for inspiration concerning our journey. I was given a map of Seven Ceremonies, taking place in the volcanic mountains and sacred lakes of the Cascade Mountains of the US and the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

I laid out a crystal map of these ceremonies, that I understand to be the White Bear Ceremonies. They offer the inspiration of a constellation of healing energies that shall guide my work in the future. They have an indigenous and subtle other-dimensional beauty that truly moves my heart as I witness their energetic template. I know that I shall undergo a huge dimensional shift through participation in these Ceremonies. They carry me to the Pacific shore, where the trails of Elven and elemental Lemurian consciousness exist.

‘There shall be a record manifested of the voices that so far have not been told, only silently interwoven into the subtle elements of a lost past. As held within water, ice and crystal, as received and activated by Awakening Starlight there is the miracle of a gossamer wisdom coming into articulation that transcends the dualities of ordinary thought and enables natural wholeness, evoking our entirety.’

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