Imbolc Star Lineages


Imbolc has been an extraordinary portal of activation for the Elvenstar Lemurian energies. A sequence of exquisite White Starlight Pipe Ceremonies, from ocean’s edge to Stonehenge to Avalon, in wind and rain, by apple tree and mistletoe, has brought through another wave of Lemurian energies and remembrance. The precious wisdom and earth ways of that time, the Lemurian light-body, its graceful palace of encoded Immortal and Dawn energies, is truly awakening ever more fully. Like a flower that is opening into this age and time, the realities of Lemuria are flowering back through the present moment. The grace of the Elvenstar wisdom is dancing through the veils, and its ancient alliance with the other star lineages and energies, especially the Marian star lineage, so beautifully activating and coming together. Those star lineages that have been devoted to Universal Love and Compassion upon earth, to an exquisite field of loving co-creation, are re-uniting with one another. The ancient alliances, that have always existed, though hidden, and the stories seemingly disparate as they became increasingly veiled, are now being restored to elemental purity. The ruby star and magenta of the Magdalene cloak softly weaves with the golden Elvenstar radiance: angelic and galactic, earthly and elemental, Immortal and of Love, always.

In happiness, with all my Love


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