Glyph Transmission

Atlantis Glyph

One-on One Silver Wheel Glyph Transmission


The Glyph of Stardust corresponds to the Eleventh Teaching of the Deerskin Book ~

It is the Peach Flame of the Everlasting Stars

Celestial Codes of Peach, Copper, Amber

Its essence is Sandlewood

It belongs in the North West of the Silver Wheel medicine wheel

The Deer, and the Deer Elder are the totem to this Moon

It is the wisdom of the soft flame of your body, of your physical self.

Theses are the slow, beautiful rhythms of the body-self as it undergoes its process of ascension and sequential metamorphosis. Its rhythms of release, resistance, receiving, surrender, and re-creation.

The terrestrial rhythms of the body need to be honoured, its tempo and gathered wisdom gained through experience, through patience, through listening moon after moon, year after year, lifetime after lifetime. It has so much wisdom to share

This glyph corresponds to the Causal Chakra, behind the skull, that holds the akashic memory records of the soul. These are your individual memory records of all the wisdom and experience you have gathered through lifetimes, through incarnations upon earth and in other worlds. You can access here Elder wisdom that you have held before.

You can access the ancestral knowledge of the Deer Paths, encoded in your cells, that carry the pathways back to Lemuria and the early starlight ages of the earth. You can learn to feel and to live this expanded timeline of the soul, and its multi-dimensional grace.

At its highest expression, it is the physical embodiment of the ascension codes that we carry from the Realms of Light, from that parallel universe that holds the template for physical ascension, that we carry through to this world. When this becomes a physically embodied remembrance, we can live with consistent grace in these high frequencies.

This is also about accessing the ancestral legacy of our DNA in this lifetime, through our current genetic family lines. Tracking the gifts, literally, in the blood. Purification of these timelines and aspects. It brings ancestral and family healing.

This releases low density programmes held deep within the body-soul  ~ the covert survival modes that come from deeply held core wounds and past suffering. A communication of cosmic law, of love, rather than survival law, to the shadow aspects that have been in separation.

Elen shall offer this transmission from the New Moon of 18th December, until Dark Moon 16th January….

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