The Give- Away Ceremony

“The Healing Wisdom of the White Bear is written in a language of snowflakes. Frozen and crystalline, it arrives in a flurry. Settling, it offers itself to you. I hope that you like this gift. I hope that it brings inspiration.”

We inspire one another, if we are honest and wise. I shall try to speak to you in the language of a heart that is both human and transcendent. I shall try to tell the whole story.

This is my Giveaway. I have long hidden this, the language of my passion, writing and writing in private. But those days are done. Here I commit myself, knowing that there will always be more to say, and always much left unsaid.

There comes a time when we must offer that which we have gathered. Or we will stagnate. My treasure hoard is the language of my passion: my passion for the Spiritual Realities that are woven through ourselves and our beautiful world. I believe that Reality is quite differently constructed from the way we have been taught.

My gift is language, I know this. I hope to give this away, to shed this into the winds, in leaf after leaf of inscriptions, that float down through the forest. Snowflakes of a crystalline wisdom descending, forming a purifying veil of enchantment, landing on the ground. I want to write and keep writing, and giving this to you, because despite its imperfections, I know it is the best thing I have to give.

I tremble after every sentence with the sense of how vast the truth, how inexpressible, or rather, how infinite. Language is a vast and never-ending dream. So are we, and it seems to me we could arise differently forever, giving rise to the Endless Mystery.

In this knowledge, the crystalline snowflakes of the Lost Wisdom seem but one facet of the kaleidoscope of Wisdom’s appearance: unnecessarily limited and so finite. Yet, here they are given. Here I shall allow them to linger in my heart for a moment, telling their own particular story; offering, I hope, their own geometry of revelation.

And so I shall tell this story, knowing its transience and its immortality, all at once.

“In all cases, the Give-Away card tells us to release any bond that makes us captives of our own creation. In so doing, we can spread our wings and fly.”

Jamie Sams, ‘Sacred Path Cards’

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  1. Your site touched a deep place in the wellspring of my soul I needed to reconnect with. The imagery you used was awesome. During winter, like no other time, much takes places beneath the surface. Many think that life is dormant, but much growth takes place during this phase, for like the iceberg, much is hidden below the surface, not always visible. Like snowflakes, we are unique individuals and special, for no two are the same.

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