Farewell 2016

Time and space are the creations of our hearts and minds: every year is a creation of our own. Its rhythms and epiphanies, its weathers, its storms and radiance. We live by its moon and its sun, inspired by its over-arching stars. Unique waves of celestial inspiration move through and the inner star templates and blueprints reveal themselves in a transient and magical way that shall never again be seen in either heaven or earth. How infinitely precious. Let us not discard this gift and always race on to the next year; let us rest with the uniquely beautiful miracle of what has just occurred.

To be devoted to the New Earth, to the Golden Dawn, is not to be in a race into the future, into a future perfection.

2016 was the year of a powerful, weighted radiance. Her Spirit gazes at me with umber eyes. There has been much suffering on earth, as there has been for aeons: where light and dark have struggled against one another. Hatred, fear and anger have flared. Many of us have paused in our dreaming, have held our breath, have waited to see whether the dark or light shall win. At times we have been drawn into the external and stopped emitting the golden and silver dream. Uncertain of our beautiful hope, our inner vision, when the outer world seems so torn. And this is part of us: but we are also the ones who have held to the Radiance beyond the light and dark, and continued to weave the dream. We have not lost our vision or our hearts, though we may have grown quiet.

For we continue our work. It does not cease, it does not ever cease, as you place the petals of the rose in their precious pattern in the waters of the bowl. As you lean against the tree and sing the ancient song of Creation. Your heart has stilled by now into its sacred task, infinitely devoted. For truly ‘we are angels of the storm, fitted to its winds.’

And this sacred music is not diminishing: it is growing ever louder. It is a symphony amongst us, and our hearts are linking up, unstoppable.

This is the collective, the Immortal Forest Soul of Earth whose roots are weaving together now, who are passing their myriad whispers back and forth even in the silence.

For us, the spell of separation is forever broken. We are irrevocably free of the illusion that this sacred reality might be a figment of our imagination.

We know now that it is real: when we re-weave this world with invisible vibrational rainbows of sound and star essence. The vibrations are ever more tangible, the star portals shining ever more brightly. It gets less subtle all the time. Impulsed by the radiance of our hearts, we have been on a journey of natural illumination that has carried us far from everything known, and found ourselves engaged in one Great Ceremony with one another ~ without any coercion!

And this is not to say that the storms do not wage within us. That all the old mental agitation and negative self-talk, the judgement of self and other cannot rampage and lay waste, distract us deeply. Suddenly the Radiance exposes some impossibly deep pattern within us and lifts it free in its entirety, leaving a whirlwind in its wake as we settle to a new and purer ground. Such purification can leave us limp as a rag and exhausted, as we travel the limbo between dreams, programs, realities. So much purification is a storm unto itself.

It is hard to go on dreaming at such times.

And it is a miracle to be so shaken free. To be able to release so much. For the radiance of gold and silver and violet light to be so intense, the sapphire prayer so pure, that so much vanishes back to God. What an honour, what a blessing.

We are becoming stars on earth. How incredibly fortunate we are, what miraculous times we are living in.

This year has been such a year of purification. Perhaps we wanted miracles and expansion, but more deeply we wish for liberation. We cannot sustain expansion until we have found our true and holy foundation. And truly, the beautiful new/ancient frequencies are becoming foundational. So much has been cleared.

Our foundation is the true possibility of this beautiful, new way of being on earth.

This shimmering purity and radiance, this activation of our otherworldly grace is very real. As essence by essence, all the star and elemental realms of the soul are liberated, we walk with ever greater wholeness and completeness in this realm. And this is the reality and the dimension known as the New Earth.

This is the gift of the Spirit of 2016 ~ she offers us this beautiful ground beneath our feet.

On which to travel into the miracle, and meet the Blessed Being, of 2017

With Love & Deepest Blessings


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