Avalon Ceremony

At this portal of the Summer Solstice 2016, the Elven Eveningstar Ceremony occurs in Avalon. In this Golden Dawn of a New Earth, the ancient temples, the lost dimensions are being awoken. Avalon is a great temple of shining purity upon our Earth, and it also has its own great cycles of awakening, of evolution.

An enchanted song of the lost temples rises up, woven of harp, drum, rattle and song. Swan feather rattle and Elven Guardians of the Directions. Calling in the Star Temple of Arianrhod. This Star Temple is arriving to us at this time, gifting the teachings of the Silver Wheel. Gifting the sanctuary of its inter-dimensional portals, of its glyphs and Lemurian realms. Its memories woven of old Lemurian sunlight, moonlight, starlight.

Calling in the Glyphs, the Silver Flames of its magical portals. Each one a dimensional approach, connecting us to our origins, to our cosmic and natural essence. It calls us to invoke our original Star Vow, and the reason we first entered the worlds of Earth.

The Sapphire of our vow descends through the crown and brow chakras, into the heart. We are rekindled with the original creative codes that we carry, with the glyphs, silence and sequences of our own Temple; the lost vibrational emanation that is our gift.

These are the thousand swan feathers of our own inter-dimensional presence: we are embodying this once more, we are becoming this. This is our sacred role, to guide others into the unseen realms, into the invisible aspects of themselves, into the lost beauty of the inner star realms. Swan feather Cloak. Swan feather staff, Swan feather rattle.

Ever we are called to be courageous and beautiful guardians and guides of this lost ground, of the sacred dimensional spaces that we embody, of the lost temples. This the ground of a Golden Dawn of the New Earth, a star ground of inter-dimensional presence. It is more beautiful than ever, our star essence interwoven with all that we have become.

The Swan carries us there: into the presence of our Far Star Vow. Those furthest, furthest realms of purity, of far wonder. It is rekindled effortlessly, for this is its time, and your days have been becoming ever more infused with this inter-galactic and starry grace; you have already been becoming this. And with sacred grace you have held this for lifetimes, so there is the discovery of this technology of the sacred, the way of the sacred, the etiquette and grace to be custodian. Dignity and parameter, the governance of the exchange, discrimination to preserve the sacred boundary and the arising language of the stars. This is the hem of the Swan feather cloak, the cloak that cocoons you. You are bound in, as well as timelessly interwoven with all.

Allow for the crystallisation of the archetypal image that is your dimensional bridge to the higher realms, to the far Star Vow. It is your Swan Feather cloak rewoven: it is your passage and your means of connection; it is your shield and your protection against the inappropriate dissolution, the selflessness that does not serve. This is not about diffuse, amorphous Light. These are the filaments that need to form a cocoon, a boundary. They are designed to keep their own nuance of density, their own weighted grace that holds them in vibrational expression. Allow this weighted, golden grace of the archetypal. Accept its connective gift.

Sapphire blue dress of the Oracle. White Swan Feather Cloak worn over. This is your lineage, or the weighted threads of your own path of reverence, of respect for Creation. Its weft and silk, its weave follows you through lifetimes. It waits for you to take on the mantle.

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