Elven Vision ~ 2017

Beloved Stars of the Dawn
I sat for a beautiful Pipe Ceremony this evening, blessing the soul of 2017, calling to its spirit and wisdom. Sitting before a crystal mandala laid around Silver Wheel, in the dark of the evening.

I see the Immortal Tree of Peace, the violet flame of her leaves, her branches that touch the heavens, her roots that reach into the earth. And within every cell ignites the knowledge, ‘You know what to do.’ The soul is so old, timeless, wise. The soul with beautiful, perpetual radiance holds the music of the future in her heart. 
This is the immortal and angelic aspect that is becoming ever more accessible, the Shining One stepping into embodiment. With shadowy, infinite grace, there she stands. She knows how to play her part in the choreography of the Dawn: its beautiful map is written within her, it is her soul’s breath.
There is a radiance within that knows, just as a star knows, how and where to shine. She knows her own flares and cycles of luminance: she is her own rhythm of stillness and brilliance.
Where else to seek for the path forward, where else but this knowing that lies deep within. This ancient competency. This angelic and elder of the Dawn whose sacred role of emergence is written within.

In the swirling smoke of the prayer, under the branches of the Immortal Tree of Peace, I find myself stilling into that luminance of a soul that has loved the earth for lifetimes, and I surrender still more deeply to the Elder wisdom that is arising. It is truly a surrender to awaken as an Elder of the Dawn, for you find that you are not who you thought you were.
Your own heart is the source of the beautiful music that creates the path ahead, listen deeply for this music that exists beyond all thought… and a stillness and a peace shall attend the grace of movement.
Our own repertoire of grace, our own soul knowledge attends us.
Within us is the choreography of grace that is the coming year. It is to be found in the innermost tempo of our hearts.
‘You know what to do.’


May this be a truly special year for you

With Love & Blessings


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