Elven Dreamers

The Elven Ones came from the stars, and they understood that everything originates at the level of thought, imagination and dream. Their first responsibility was to maintain their connection to Source and to their starlight inspiration ~ the star realms of their origination whose beauty they were here to bring.

They knew how to shift reality at the level of the dream, and therefore how to birth a new world.

They are the carriers of the original star creation codes of the Earth, and they honour the original dimensional contract of this realm. These original creation codes of the Earth were created by the seers and Star Elders of many worlds in a co-creation of unimaginable wonder.

These are the creation codes of the Silver Wheel of the Earth, and they form the pathway for star people to embody in this realm. We are told it is time for us to become fully ourselves once again, and to awaken the silvery dimensional pathways of the New Earth.

What an extraordinary time, and how our hearts gently flower open to embrace this awareness. It is not a dream, it is the True Dream!

Beloved Elders, from my heart to yours,

Love & Deepest Blessings,


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