Elemental Awakening

Imagine a Universe of sleeping galaxies. All the spiral and rainbow depths muted and still. Fallen quiet. Breathing quietly, it goes on in Ancient Beauty.
Yet then a radiance, as of violet blossoms tumbling, begins to fall into this Universe, stirring its Ancient Beauty.
It begins to sparkle gently into life. The sleeping eyes of stars begin to open, feeling the blessing and promise of these arriving blossoms.
This Universe is reminded of all the Universes beyond its own perimeters: it is reminded of the Infinity of Creativity and that there is further to travel. There is a Golden Dawn occurring, a future of unchartered growth. Beautiful eyes of violet, silver, gold and sapphire are opening in the darkness. They shine once more with their Infinite Intelligence, with Far Vision.
They arise to their Great, Arching height, creating the great elemental domes and spheres within which life can flourish. They are the Overarching Principles of Elemental Intelligence. They are the Shining Ones, the Guardians of our planet. Their great era of creativity is flourishing once more. We shall see great advances in consciousness as their overarching harmonies inspire humanity with visions of peaceful coexistence and an expansion of the technologies of sensitivity.
They are the Great and Ancient Star Souls who are eternally part of the Earth, and who hold her deep dream structures of peace and beauty. They are the highest spiritual energies of the Earth, known as the Shining Ones.
Yet in this last aeon, our connection to them has been remote. They have faded from this dimension, and come to seem like a dream. They have separated into other dimensional realms, and we have lost the inspiration and illumination of their presence.
These are the great Spiritual Energies of Earth. We need their companionship.
They are not just returning to us, they are transforming. The incoming star frequencies are touching their ancient elemental codes with transformation. There is a new vibrational expression of the elemental realm being formed. It is into these awakened and transformed elemental spheres that we travel for our own awakening and inspiration. 
Earth has experienced great eras of awakening before, as in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Yet this one is unique. We recross the vibrational strands of these ancient times of star wisdom, and we carry their gifts forward into unchartered realms.

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  1. Dearest Star Sister Elen..
    Thank you for this immense gift of remembrance for humanity! My name is ariel spilsbury.. The Mayan Oracle and the 13 Moon Oracle’s scribe/author. I too am one of those starry ones.. of which you speak.. And my dear sister, somehow managed to get a copy of your book, Silver Wheel.. when amazon says they are NOT yet available.. i was so disappointed.. as this feels like such a clear transmission. The reason for my inquiry, was not only to connect with you, but to request to get an advanced copy if one is available. This is the inspiration I have been waiting for! Most recently I wrote a book called Gaia’s New DreamCoat: A Faerie Guide to Gaia’s Greening. My website is http://www.holographicgoddess.com if you wish to come share in what I have been up to on planet earth!! Love Eternal.. your sister.. ariel

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