Deerskin Mandalas

The Silver Wheel mandala, painted in gold and silver inks, onto pure white deerskin. A pure and beautiful presence for your altar, for connection to the beautiful, transformational energies of the Silver Wheel, carrying you into the realms of the Golden Dawn of the New Earth.

The White Deer is the guardian of the teachings of the Silver Wheel. She carries the memories of Lemuria through the aeons, to this moment.

The Silver Wheel mandala is designed to activate our remembrance of an ancient and beautiful way of being. It is woven of the lights of the sun, moon, earth and stars ~ a blueprint for our own ascension & metamorphosis.

Each mandala is 16cm in diameter, and really breathtaking in its purity and sacred simplicity.

Only a handful available at present, order your as a Winter Solstice gift to yourself!

Order your Silver Wheel mandala, and it shall be lovingly wrapped and sent to you!

Out of stock, do pre-order if you wish, there are more on their way!

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These mandalas were created by sacred craftsman Argon, from America. Everything he creates just breathes this sacred love and purity, a deep affinity with the elemental and star realms ~ so, so beautiful!

“i cried tears of joy when I finished them, they are so beautiful and I’m in awe and humbled by this beautiful creation”

~ Argon, sacred craftsman & Tree Elf

Meet Argon

“I am Argon, divine child magician, tree elf, creator of these magical Silver Wheel mandalas. To try and express the beauty that is around me is my greatest joy. I find the sacred in all things. To shape the things around me into tools that elevate and transform our consciousness gives my life deep meaning. My elemental essence is both water and fire, I have a deep still nature that loves to perceive the subtlety of things, where as my fiery nature wants to passionately imbue everything I make with ebullient joy.

I am a part of a unicorn council that values innocence and open heartedness above all else, connecting me to my roots in the stars, where I wear the cobalt blue robes of the blue dragon alchemist. In my mythic persona I perceive myself as star Maya, this plays out in my work as a means to connect with everyone’s starry essence. I invite you to share the wonder that your heart knows and let us create together”.