Copper Beech

As I danced beneath the copper beech, in the shade amongst the cow parsley, flickering gestures, a peach cloak of stars descends, a gentler grade of white starlight than ever before, weaving my Elven Stellar body into this world, entering dimensionally and burning away the fears and lostness with a gentle wildness. One is called forward, and forward, into existence. The full magical Elven heritage and soul would step through. It is hard to be asked to step existing in the way that your human self always has ~ hard and beautiful to be burnt away by this white-golden fire ~ to be made anew in the rainbow flames of the Dawn. To see the cocoon in which you have dwelt vanishing before your eyes. And to discover that you hold the treasures of a beautiful inheritance ~ and that it is quite real ~ and more solid than all the chimeras that held you bound.

Once I step into the magical embodiment, follow the calling, a great Peace descends. The white star-fire paths of the New Earth unfold around me, and I see quite differently. Instead of feeling as though I am burning, lost, in a rainbow pyre of Dawn Light ~ I realise that I am witnessing the most beautiful surrender of that which has held me bound ~ and it is happening within a shimmering architecture of Soul that is seeking my attention.

It wants my gestures, my devotion, my commitment. Instead of sitting, frozen in thought beneath the copper beech, I realise that the dreams are longing to be lived in this very moment. I take off my boots and socks, and begin to move with the wild ethereal movements that are already here, flowing through my hands and feet. And with this the Elfin, white-star fire temple of the Copper Beech is unveiled, and we are linked in the holy, dimensional unfolding of the realities of Love on earth.

The great shining Elfin star palace descends ~ woven out of finest white starlight, becoming visible. And peace floods me, and the stellar frequencies demanding my attention begin to settle into embodiment. And while still there is a surrender, a dismantlement, a letting go, it is done in beauty from the perspective of the ascending soul. It is done through the vision of Love ~ it is a dismantlement that is happening in the Presence of Love.

And who is coming through ~ this peach and rose and white starlight, gold, silver and copper essence, ~ sapphire wings, gestures and flickering hands of impossible grace ~ opening the starlight realm here beneath the grey-stemmed copper beech, as called

To bring here another realm, that is coming ever deeper into auric presence ~ all the greyness coming alive with the White Star of Love, and true memory. Like a flower blossoming with its own other-dimensional starlight, an otherworldly being from the stars, so full of Love…

This truly is the Path of the Dawn ~ to follow the path of direct inspiration, trusting the Self ~ unlocking from the frozen place to be the One who is dancing before you

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