Shamanic Lands Event

I have just returned from a beautiful event, ‘Shamanic Lands’. For 15 minutes, standing within this beautiful circle of people, I shared a teaching from Silver Wheel for the first time.

Return of Lemuria

Carrying the Elven Wisdom to Avalon. It returns home, after long travels over continents, so many spirits woven into its wisdom presence. Over the well stands the ancient star magnolia tree, full with blossom.

SILVER WHEEL arrives!!!

The first printed copy of ‘SILVER WHEEL: LOST TEACHINGS OF THE DEERSKIN BOOK’ rests in my hands after nine years of writing. I am filled with wonder and gratitude…

Elemental Awakening

Imagine a Universe of sleeping galaxies. All the spiral and rainbow depths muted and still. Fallen quiet. Breathing quietly, it goes on in Ancient Beauty. Yet then a radiance, as of violet blossoms tumbling, begins to fall into this Universe, stirring its Ancient Beauty.

Inspiration Calls

‘There is a Trail of Seven Ceremonies, leading Northwards, starting from Mount Shasta and the wisdom of the Giant Redwoods, leading up the North West Pacific Coast and thence into the lakes and snows of Canada.’

White Bear Ceremonies

I travelled to San Francisco with my little family, and began a sequence of Ceremonies gifted by Spirit. These Ceremonies began amongst the giant Redwood Trees of the Northern California coast, and took us into the snows of Canada…

What is Shamanic Reiki?

Shamanic Reiki Techniques   A traditional Reiki session is very quiet, gentle and characterised by great simplicity. The Reiki practitioner may burn essential oils such as lavender, or smudge with sage smoke. They may play relaxing or sacred music softly in the background. The receiver sits on a chair or lies on the Reiki table, and the practitioner places the …

What Is A Healer?

I circle and circle upon this question. There is a passion and a dream to share Reiki and Shamanic Healing that flows through me. Yet my awareness of healing has very little to do with sickness, and everything to do with the deep Light within each of us. I see the healing session as a natural transmission that forms part …

The Give- Away Ceremony

“The Healing Wisdom of the White Bear is written in a language of snowflakes. Frozen and crystalline, it arrives in a flurry. Settling, it offers itself to you. I hope that you like this gift. I hope that it brings inspiration.”