Atlantis Meditation

This was a truly beautiful and enchanted evening, held in the magical space of the Goddess House. What a beautiful circle of Elder Souls turned up, and how precious in the darkness of the winter evening to be gathered in the Elven Starlight. In the light of the Amethyst Towers of Atlantis we discover what it means for each of us to reclaim the magnificence of being a sovereign dreamer, one who dreams and creates reality in harmony with the earth and stars. Learning to trust the Elder Heart within, that sees with such vast vision, into a radiance beyond light and dark, into the great beautiful cycles of our earth’s evolution. WE need to become such vast souls, such Elder hearts… to become the Elders of our time, custodians of sacred Vision.

I saw a Circle of the Old Council gathered, each part of an ethereal and many-toned rainbow, standing in the Forest. We come into alignment with our Soul’s Vision, and with one another. It is truly beyond wonderful to come together in this way, and share the True Dream of a Sacred Reality.

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