Amenti Avebury

Amenti. Violet, sapphire, silver and golden the pillars that whirl downward from the Flower of Life, woven out of Elven starlight gems in the forest floor.

In the wind and the snow, by the light of the Snow Moon, came the Morningstar transmission in Avebury. This moon, the Morningstar has brought a message of remembrance from the Earth: she bids us remember that we are the vessels of direct inspiration, we are receiving direct access to her records. The Elven Ones truly are one of the Amenti Races, those who hold the Ascensional timeline of the Earth. And into the realms of Amenti they guide us this Snow Moon, to initiate ourselves as true Memory Keepers, to learn to trust this returning flood of remembrance, of the vast and vanished timelines of Lemuria and of the Earth’s connection to the star realms.

It was as though rose-light filled the room, flowering up from the hearts gathered. Rose radiance suffused the Morningstar altar, everything bathed in stellar heart radiance, beautiful souls gathered from four corners. The angel aura crystals, lapis, diamond and golden topaz laid upon the deerskin created by Oceanna Visions , carrying the Lemurian Light codes. Eagle feathers also: eagle and condor placed upon the altar by Bea Martin, the fulfilment of the prophecy.

Guided into a space of pure Lemurian remembrance ~ we are the People of Remembrance, the People of Amenti.

I could feel the starlight, far galactic stillness of the Morningstar Lodge enter into presence amongst us, anchoring at this Snow Moon in the great holy landscape of Avebury. It is the teaching of the Rainbow Butterfly, of the Eagle Elders ~ of radical metamorphosis, of stepping into grace NOW.

Calling forth those exquisite frequencies of our miraculous, ascended, I AM grace.

This is not the metamorphosis of endless self-improvement, of becoming something that we are not yet, or forever aspiring to become.

It is the turning towards that which We Already Are.



So much love to Sue Coulson for playing the magical tingsha cymbals hand-forged by Gabriella Songbird, with their precise, shimmering resonance ~ truly beautiful to stand by your side Sue, you are an Eagle Elder who holds the New Earth crystalline Heart at Avebury, thank you for calling in the Rainbow Butterfly and the Eagle Elders during the Morningstar transmission.

Thankyou also to beautiful Holly Kim Wyatt, for her support and gentle wisdom throughout two evenings of Morningstar teachings, in Avalon and in Avebury.

And with Love as the Magic Unfolds


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