Ninth Glyph
White Whales
Downloading the New Archetype

This essence holds the signature of a deep spaciousness, an initiatory space into which you can release the version of self, the archetype and mythic constellation that has been holding you. It invites the unravelling, surrender and dismantlement of this, so that you may become the spaciousness into which the new constellation and cosmic archetype can arrive.

Guided by the White Whales, this is the initiation of the Star Walker, the one who travels universes and galaxies, and who masters the dissolution and recreation of starlight form, who travels the spaces between one dream and another, between one star and another.

This essence will help to bring clarity to your process of release, and allow you to let go of the old version of self, the old paradigm in a way that is authentic and complete. It will help you meet the challenge of allowing the space between the old dream and the new, the hiatus or gap between them. Rather than trying to fill this space from the level of mind, you allow the deep arising of the new cosmic archetype from beyond. From the realm of celestial, cosmic inspiration.

Download the new cosmic archetype that is your destiny, that which comes from the future ~ that which has never before existed.


‘When you let your old dreams fall away and allow for no substitution or settlement, then you acquire the grace of the Star Walker who knows when to travel between stars, between realms of inspiration. You as the Star Walker are the one who emerges from Space bringing the messages of the Golden Dawn in their wake. You have learnt to sail in unmarked waters with no sense of destination, only keeping faith in the darkness that the Dawn will come. You know it by the quiet intensity of its radiance, by the I Am Infinity of its limitlessness and the creativity it inspires.’

‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’


Directions for Use:

Up to 7 drops on the tongue daily, or added to your water to sip throughout the day, morning or night as required


Cider Brandy, White Spring Waters of Avalon, Energy Signature of Glyph

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