Stardust Moon

Blessings of the New Moon. This is the Stardust Moon of the Deer Elder. Grace of the Shining One, she walks along the river…

Atlantis Meditation

This was a truly beautiful and enchanted evening, held in the magical space of the Goddess House. What a beautiful circle of Elder Souls turned up, and how precious in the darkness of the winter evening to be gathered in the Elven Starlight.

Elvenstar Meditation Group

Such a beautiful and exciting unfolding, to be sharing the Elvenstar teachings of the Silver Wheel, Moon by Moon, in Avalon! On Wednesday 7th December, 6~9.30pm we shall gather at the Goddess House in Glastonbury…

Eveningstar Retreat

The Eveningstar retreat took place at the waterfall of Pistyll Rhaeadr in the Berwyn mountains of mid-Wales ~ this sacred, enchanting place where I received the glyphs and the teachings of Silver Wheel.

Elven Dreamers

The Elven Ones came from the stars, and they understood that everything originates at the level of thought, imagination and dream.

Who are the Elven Ones?

THE DEERSKIN BOOK is a gift from the Elven Ones, who last walked among us many thousands of years ago.

Avalon Ceremony

An enchanted song of the lost temples rises up, woven of harp, drum, rattle and song. Swan feather rattle and Elven Guardians of the Directions. Calling in the Star Temple of Arianrhod.

Shamanic Lands Event

I have just returned from a beautiful event, ‘Shamanic Lands’. For 15 minutes, standing within this beautiful circle of people, I shared a teaching from Silver Wheel for the first time.

Return of Lemuria

Carrying the Elven Wisdom to Avalon. It returns home, after long travels over continents, so many spirits woven into its wisdom presence. Over the well stands the ancient star magnolia tree, full with blossom.