1st Glyph

First Glyph Essence
Swanfeather Cloak
Remember your Starlight Vow to the Earth


Fulfil your starlight vow to the earth, to become visible as an Elder Soul of the New Dawn, to take up the Swanfeather Cloak, to appear as yourself.

This essence calls you to activate your destiny as one who wears the Swanfeather Cloak of the New Dawn ~ who brings through the incoming celestial and galactic dream of the New Earth, bridging the invisible with the visible, becoming one of the Shining Ones of this reality.

You are one of the People of the Stars who has so long loved the earth, and who remembers her original dream, and her starlight song amongst the stars. This knowledge and remembrance has long been hidden and silenced, as the earth has moved through an era of forgetfulness. Within you, is the knowledge that she entering once again a great Cycle of Light, a New Dawn. You have incarnated at this time to share your wisdom as an Elder Soul, as one who undergoes the transfiguration from forgetfulness to remembrance, becoming a beacon of remembrance for others.

This essence helps you to release the fear of being seen, of moving out of invisibility, hiddenness and silence.

It grounds you into your original love for the earth so that you may find the radical courage to become visible as an Elder Soul of the New Dawn



‘The cloak is so that the people who need you can find
you. As can the Spirits: it is about clarity of intention and
dedication. It is a sign that you have given yourself and thus
it provides protection and enables the path to unfold more
smoothly. In this cloak, you are more easily found by those
who need you, and yet less visible to those who do not.

‘Within the ice and the stone and the waters of these
lands, it is the Swan who has remembered the Old Alliance.
The myriad hollow bones of its feathers are crystal maps of
the Otherworld, laid out. The Swan has the power to bridge
the realms, for which both strength and otherworldliness
are required. You shall require this physical strength as well
as fluidity and affinity with the Light Realms.’

‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’


Directions for Use:

Up to 7 drops on the tongue, or added to your water to sip throughout the day, morning or night as required


Cider Brandy, White Spring Waters of Avalon, Energy Signature of Glyph

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