13th Glyph

Thirteenth Glyph
Unicorn of the Stars
Craft the Dream

This essence calls you to the realm of action. The Unicorn is the one who, with wise innocence and wild faith, makes real the Dream of the Soul. By stepping into the realm of action, by crafting the dream into manifestation, you enter the spiral of the thirteenth glyph that carries you to a new level of expression, to a new phase of being, it carries you into ascension, to embark on the next level of your soul’s growth

You have completed your initiation as an Elder Soul, and by taking action upon your dreaming, you have literally brought a whole new world into being.

At this threshold, you face the final confrontation with your own inner doubts, fears and ambivalence. You face the resistance to making the ethereal real, to entering a world that shall never be the same again. This is real magic. You have transformed everything. By acting upon the dream, you truly enter into the higher dimensional experience upon earth that you have been longing for. You truly step across and become the New Earth.

‘The unicorn paces across this last mile, across the threshold of the Golden Dawn, carrying us irrevocably beyond the landscapes that we have known. She carries us into the land of dreams that have the power to become reality. This is the world of the powerful Dreamer, who is aligned to the elemental realms that give her visions, and to whom she is the Vision arriving. She is dreaming with the Earth, she is dreaming with others, she is a Universal Dreamer who has remembered the song of the stars pouring through her blood. She witnesses joy arising in this moment, out of the frost and the mist and the morning light. This is permission. This is irrevocable permission to go forward.’

‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’

Directions for Use:

7 drops on the tongue, or added to your water to sip throughout the day, morning or night as required


Brandy, Red & White Spring Waters of Avalon, Energy Signature of Glyph, Brandberg Amethyst & Golden Rose

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