11th Glyph

Eleventh Glyph
Consecrating the Stardust Ground of the Ordinary

This essence guides you into remembrance of your own stardust wisdom. That which you knew knew during the early starlight ages of the earth ~ that earth is stardust, a cascade of woven starlight descending from pure realms of Light, precipitating into the stardust forms of the elemental realms you experience. In Lemuria you knew the starlight ancestry of the earth, you knew where she came from. You knew that matter was a phenomenal dance, ever subject to metamorphosis, and that she had been created and dreamt amongst the stars. She is composed of ascending and descending spirals of creation, as immortal luminance crystallizes into starlight, into stardust, and as the stardust of the physical world blossoms beyond itself, releasing back into starlight and immortal luminance. Back and forth, these magical spirals of creation and re-creation, and this is the wisdom of Lemuria, and of the Ascended Elder within you who has walked this magic dance upon earth long since.

This essence guides you to honour the gradual, beautiful rhythms of the body as it undergoes its process of ascension and sequential metamorphosis. Its rhythms of release, resistance, receiving, surrender, and re-creation.

The stardust of the physical self need to be honoured and loved; its tempo and gathered wisdom gained through experience, through patience, through moon after moon, year after year, lifetime after lifetime. It has so much wisdom to share.

This glyph essence activates the Peach Starflower, or causal chakra, behind the head, that holds the akashic memory records of the soul. These are your individual memory records of all the wisdom and experience you have gathered through lifetimes, through incarnations upon earth and in other worlds. You can access here Elder wisdom that you have held before.

Here, you can access the akashic record of the Deer Paths, of the great timeline that is encoded in your cells, that carry the pathways back to Lemuria and the early starlight ages of the earth. You can learn to feel and to live this expanded timeline of the soul, and its multi-dimensional grace.

Through the Peach Starflower, you can also access the ancestral legacy of your DNA in this lifetime, through your genetic family lines. You can track and trace this into its purest and wisest forms ~ those ancestors who knew how to live in harmony, balance and beauty upon earth. For this remembrance is held within all lineages.

Remember the holiness of this stardust gift of physical incarnation, and make the ground of your ordinary, physical life sacred, healing the rift between the sacred and the mundane.

‘The ordinary is becoming more precious and beautiful to
you, more grace-filled. And it begins to reveal hidden codes
of great wisdom. The more you are attentive to this beautiful
stardust in your hands, the more subtle and revelatory it
becomes. Earth herself begins to speak to us with her beautiful
resonant wisdoms, echoing through us with a realm
of revelatory memory. The Earth Elders send through us
their luminous gestures of grace; we discover that the Earth is haunted with Illumination, with true inter-dimensional loveliness. We see in flashes the lost inter-dimensional temples of Earth, the way that the Great Ones of Light have with tender grace been so long interwoven with this realm.’

‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’


Directions for Use:

7 drops on the tongue, or added to your water to sip throughout the day, morning or night as required


Brandy, Red & White Spring Waters of Avalon, Energy Signature of Glyph, Brandberg Amethyst & Golden Rose

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