Tenth Glyph
Awakening the Sacred Imagination

This essence brings the awakening of sacred imagination and visionary awareness. It helps you to release the seals and blocks placed upon your powers of vision and the sacred creative power of the imagination since the time of Atlantis

There are deep encodement within us from that time that make us distrustful of our own direct vision and perception, and cause us to look outside of ourselves for spiritual authority and discernment of truth.

This essence calls for the awakening of our own visionary awareness, higher perception and discernment that is our angelic aura. It is a state of radiant sensitivity and awareness.

We become our own higher authority and guide, and no longer look for spiritual authority outside of ourselves. We claim our power to feel, intuit, know truth directly.

This essence calls you to trust your visionary awareness, and discernment, that is a subtle state of higher perception beyond judgement.

It calls you to activate your sacred imagination and inner visioning, that is your power to dream and create reality consciously, in harmony with all the realms.

‘This light technology, the radical sensitivity and wisdom of our angelic auras, is natural. It is being activated by the present cosmic conditions. We can participate in this, if we so choose. In recent lifetimes, we have been trained to derive information concerning the nature of reality from external sources, we have been trained not to trust our own sensitivity, and always to seek the external validation of spiritual or secular authorities. We experience a kind of inversion, whereby information – truth – comes from the outside, not the inside. This is an inversion, because truth can only actually be experienced from the inside, using the antennae of the angelic aura that is designed for this purpose. It is from this perspective that we can receive accurate information about our environment, moment to moment, as it unfolds. From this perspective, we can make appropriate responses. This is how we attune ourselves to the shared field of angelic intention, entering into a community of purpose, guided by the Light.’

‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’


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Directions for Use:

7 drops on the tongue, or added to your water to sip throughout the day, morning or night as required


Brandy, Red & White Spring Waters of Avalon, Energy Signature of Glyph, Brandberg Amethyst & Golden Rose

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