Song of the Earth & Stars

Song of the Earth & Stars
11th ~ 17th June, 2018
at the Waterfall of Pistyll Rhaeadr, Wales



A seven day camping retreat at the magical waterfall of Pistyll Rhaeadr where the glyphs of the Silver Wheel were first gifted.

It falls in the Moon of the Silver Flame of the Everlasting Stars ~ the moon of starlight language and listening

Guided by the white deer with the star at her brow ~ we shall deepen into our communion with the song of the earth and stars, and our own Soul Star music of the New Dawn

A silvery Elven citadel shall be woven at this exquisitely special and sacred waterfall, as through the transmissions and wisdom of the Silver Wheel, we weave an etheric temple of starlight listening ~ summoning our own Starlight Song forth, dropping the veils of forgetfulness, in ceremonies of deep metamorphosis and remembrance of the expanded ascensional timeline of the soul.

We shall refine and deepen into that profound and subtle listening to the rhythms and lights of the cosmos. We shall learn to attune through our bodies and subtle listening, to the vibrational, New Dawn gifts of the solar, stellar, galactic and elemental realms.

It is said in the teachings of the Deerskin Book that the Dawn comes to us as a music, as song, as sound, and that the more we relax into our listening, the more full this music becomes



* guided Elvenstar meditations
* Elven starlight language and vibrationally transformative shamanic sounding
* deepen into the realms of the Silver Wheel and its wisdom
*at the time of the bluebells & wildflowers
* exquisitely soul-inspiring ceremonies in woodland and by waterfall

You shall receive:

*individual channelling of your soul star music and vibrational signature of the New Dawn
* access your language of Light
* vision quest upon the land to deepen into Soul Star purpose
* sacred attunements to the glyphs of the Silver Wheel for the New Dawn
* sacred gifts of moonstone, sapphire & golden topaz for your Elven New Dawn altar
*beautiful print of Silver Wheel mandala

Day by day you will have time for sacred wandering of the woods and waterfall ~ as well as receiving the exquisite Elvenstar transmissions of Silver Wheel that are profoundly transformative at a cellular level ~ awakening forgotten gifts and soul codes ~ attuning you to the frequencies of the New Dawn

It is a time to let go of the old veils of forgetfuness, to send out the golden galactic butterflies of the Dawn and discover that realm of angelic communication and inter-connection that is the New Earth. Connect with yourself and others at a whole new level, enter the alliance of the Star Kindred and the Elven Ones and new and beautiful levels of inter-dimensional communication ~ becoming the channel to your own higher wisdom, and attuning to the true star music of those around you ~ both seen and unseen

This shall be beyond magical, beyond transformative

Enter the realms of the Silver Wheel that truly have the capacity to carry you beyond, into your fifth-dimensional Dawn Star embodiment, beyond the old structures ~ into the etheric architecture of the New Earth and your own soul infused path for the New Dawn

Elen shall share the teachings of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book ~ the wisdom of the Elven Ones of Lemuria for the Golden Dawn of a New Earth. These teachings and transmissions powerfully reconnect us to an ancient and beautiful way of being on earth, and to a future that is already here

Re-discover your own starlight, other dimensional song for the New Earth ~ be heard for who you truly are

This is a camping retreat in the retreat meadows at the waterfall. Bring your own tent, and find your beautiful site in the sweeping meadows. There is also a dormitory tent available with mattresses, if you do not have your own tent. There is a floored and carpeted ceremonial yurt, a stone circle and ceremonial fire, kitchen and dining marquee, bathroom, hot showers and sauna.

Truly delicious vegetarian meals are included ~ prepared with loving and sacred intention.

This is a more earthy retreat, and we shall all help a little with the practical tasks such as washing of dishes, as part of caring for this magical place and grounding the beautiful frequencies.

Enter the magic, open your heart & step through the portal into the New Dawn!

Email Elen for booking and further enquiries here….

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