Moonstone Waters Retreat

16th ~ 23rd September
7 Day Retreat
Tyddyn Retreat in Mid-Wales


We shall gather for this 7 day retreat at the time of the Autumn Equinox, at the time of the Elvenstar Moon of the Moonstone Waters. This is the flow of starlight from one heart to another, of giving and receiving. We shall travel into the Elvenstar realm of the West and the sacred shimmering waters, into Great Mystery and the Elven Star realms of Lemuria.

In the realm of the Moonstone Waters, enter the starry flow of remembrance, of realms that were lost and are now returning…

The West is the realm into which the Shining Ones, the Elven Ones, so long ago disappeared. Yet now they are returning ~ the Shining Ones in their swanfeather barges are sailing across the waters from the Everlasting Stars, for the Golden Dawn of the New Earth. Are you one of the Shining Ones who is ready to return, who is ready to let the Immortal Starlight of your soul shine in this world once more, bringing in a New Era of Peace on Earth.

Are you one of the starlight souls who came here so long ago, whose gifts and memories are now re-activating?

Do you long to enter still more deeply into what the heart knows, to surrender into the realms of a mysterious remembrance?

The Elven Ones transmit to us a new and beautiful way of existing upon the earth, that actually is held deep within us as sacred memory. The vibrational attunements of Silver Wheel unlock this deep knowing, and restore you to the angelic, stellar presence that you are.

These profound, gentle and powerful teachings unlock the seals on remembrance, on awakening. They move us beyond the blocks of aeons that have kept the realms separate, into the vast ascensional timeline of the soul and the unique essence you have held throughout the Great Starlight Ages.

Move into remembrance of your vast and beautiful purpose in coming to this earth



You shall receive attunement to all the magical glyphs of the Silver Wheel, receiving the complete activation of these New Earth frequencies. In this enchanting and secluded retreat, we shall experience these profound attunements, and the wisdom and ceremony of the Elvenstar realms.

There are just 12 places available.

You will receive:

* individual attunement to all 13 Glyphs of the mandala of Silver Wheel
* beautiful Elvenstar guided meditations & shamanic journeys
* deep sound transmissions of drum, Tibetan bell & Elven starlight language that profoundly shift old paradigm fears and limitations
* sacred gifts of moonstone, lapis, rose quartz & abalone for your Temple of the Moonstone Waters
* Prints of glyphs and mandala of Silver Wheel for your meditations

Tyddyn retreat is an enchanting and secluded venue in the hills of Mid-Wales. There are streams and waterfalls, meadows and a stone circle, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Discover more…

It will be magical to share the Silver Wheel attunements and wisdom in the land of Wales, where they were received over so many years. Wales is land of profound remembrance, and so much is held in its waters and mountains that makes it a powerful place for activating our own full Soul Star memories. The retreat venue is secluded, magical and comfortable, and easy to access. We shall be staying in the farmhouse and converted barns, with delicious food and beautiful lodging all inclusive. It shall be a very nurturing and heart-warming space for our transformational work. To find out more about the venue and directions, click here…

16th ~ 23rd September, 2017

7 Day Residential Retreat

£500 deposit

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