Elvenstar Meditation group

Elvenstar Meditation Group

Monthly Evening in Avalon

 Goddess Hall, Benedict St, Glastonbury

6 ~ 8.30pm

based on the teachings of
Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book


In this group, moon by moon, we share the Elven Star teachings of the Silver Wheel. Through shamanic journeys of drum and Elven starlight sounding, we travel on a journey of sacred metamorphosis and soul inspiration.

The Elven Star teachings of the Silver Wheel awaken ethereal, long-forgotten spheres of the soul with the beautiful new frequencies of the Golden Dawn, and infuse us with a wondrous vision of the earth and the stars and our own destiny.

*step into the sacred groves of Lemuria & the Elven Star realms
*become the lantern to a beautiful new reality
*irrevocably enter the realms of the Golden Dawn of a New Earth

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This is the Moon of the Silver Grove of the Stars ~ according to the Elvenstar teachings there is a Silver Grove of mighty silver trees woven around the earth, where the star council that oversees her evolution resides. It is a place into which we can ascend to gain guidance as to our higher destiny and purpose upon earth. The wisdom of the Grove is returning, and it is to the emerald trees of the earth that we can turn to discover how to be an Elder Soul and Guardian of the New Dawn

Thursday, 6th July

Upcoming Dates

6th July
15th August
7th September
5th October
16th November
7th December

Bring yourself, a meditation blanket/cushion if you wish, a notebook/journal and pen. Any crystals or sacred items that you wish to place on the altar. Otherwise, most importantly, bring you!

No prior shamanic experience required


This shall be held in the Goddess Hall on Benedict Street in Avalon. It is a beautiful ceremonial space in the heart of Avalon, with easy access. To find directions and further details, click here….

Please do contact Elen if you have any further questions about the group.

You can email her at

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