9th Glyph

Ninth Glyph
Obsidian Mirror
Releasing the Old Archetype

This essence holds the signature of deep spaciousness, an initiatory space into which you can surrender the old version of self, archetype and mythic constellation you have been holding. It invites you to deep unravelling, surrender and dismantlement of this, so that you may become the deep spaciousness into which the new constellation and cosmic archetype may flow.

This is a beautiful essence to take if you have been struggling to release an old paradigm that you know has no further life in it. IT gives you the courage to face the gap and hiatus in your dreaming as this unravels, and the patience of await for a true dream to arise from the cosmic, the infinite to take its place.

IT turns this into a sacred and beautiful initiation, rather than a process to be feared. In the ancient practice of the Obsidian Mirror, one gazes into a polished piece of obsidian, black volcanic glass that is highly reflective. In the reflection of the first side that you look into, ask to see the version of self that is being released. Notice how this self appears to you, and how they make you feel. This is the

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