2nd Glyph

Second Glyph
Realm of the Sun
Reawaken your Solar Radiance

This is the essence of the Sunstar ~ it calls you to carry the dreams of your heart into the solar radiance for renewal. Your solar, stellar & galactic self is awakening ~ you are becoming the Shining One, an Angelic Elder of the earth once more

If you wish to be bathed in shimmering golden, Elven sunstar radiance ~ like a liquid, starlight honey ~ this is the essence for you!

This essence holds and transmits the new solar light codes ~ the new wave of celestial and galactic light passing through the sun to the earth at this time.

It brings a beautiful renewal of joy, inner luminosity and magic. It ignites the star of the heart, and re-kindles our dreams of an otherworldly radiance that shines within as the lantern of a New Dawn.

It is time to let go of the struggle and grief and lost hope, to surrender into a deeper magic. The moonstone of our dreams, of our innermost heart, is carried into the realm of the sun ~ the lunar and solar aspects of the soul interfuse ~ and we are uplifted into a new cycle of radiance and creative inspiration. The new solar, crystalline light codes uplift our innermost hearts in a wave of miraculous grace and quantum starlight creativity, and we are infused with awareness of a new Solar Age on earth and within the Self.

‘Slowly, the moonstone bud begins to open, as it did at the Amethyst Gates. From the splayed petals erupts a beam of moonlight, its song now ringing throughout the Sun Realms. The Sun Elders watch with steady attention.

There is a thundery stillness. Then, in the pause, a fusion begins. It feel as though the whole ethereal chamber shudders as it absorbs the moonlight radiance. The moonstone is shattering into the sunlight, releasing an ancient rainbow vision, the seven beams of earthly wisdom: crimson, copper, gold, emerald, turquoise, indigo and amethyst. Out of these the ancient forests are spun, out of these the mysteries of leaf and bark, water and wind. Out of these, the human heart has constructed its unique song, its precious prayer to the Universe.

Here, it becomes a tree. It shoots upward on a sapling stem. Root, stem and branch, it unfurls into a tree that shines with the light of many worlds, a treasury of Earth wisdom ascended to the Sun. Golden flowers are forming at the tips of the branches; a gold whose depths shimmer with moony brilliance; hues of the Earth, in their ethereal form, are hints within.

‘What is this tree?’ I ask the Elders.

‘The blossoms of this Tree contain the wisdom of Earth, Sun and Moon brought together. It is the long-written wisdom of heaven and earth, the inspiration of the Golden Dawn. It is by their long work and devotion that the peoples of Earth have won the coming of the Golden Dawn. It is their prize, their grace that has called this to them, and to the worlds of Earth. They do not believe in themselves. They do not realize the Great Light they have won to their side, and the beautiful hearts they have grown within, from which even the stars draw inspiration. You must take these flowers back to Earth, the ones that fall to you in these moments as you stand here, and gift them to those you meet. They are the blossoms of the Golden Dawn, they carry the inspiration of this reality, and one who has touched one of these blossoms cannot forget the light that they have seen, they cannot long return to forgetfulness.’

‘Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’


Directions for Use:

7 drops on the tongue, or added to your water to sip throughout the day, morning or night as required


Brandy, Red & White Spring Waters of Avalon, Energy Signature of Glyph, Brandberg Amethyst & Golden Rose

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