Star Companions Retreat

Star Companions Retreat
Pistyll Rhaeadr, May 2017


Each morning we arose to the Sunstar Drumming ~ the flames of the Elven directions lit in the great ceremonial yurt ~ drumming and chanting in the circle of those who softly gathered. Drumming the sun as it lights up the western ridge of the hills ~ as golden footsteps travel the land. Drumming that realm of gold-white, the heart of the sun and its benediction and blessing upon our day. It is beautiful ~ gentle, frequencies of white and golden radiance building and sweeping through, a most delicate song, and at times a thundering drum, of the far light within and without. Of the solar light codes like beautiful white pods thrumming into presence. Delicate, beautiful, powerful, a wise grace stirring and awakening. An Immortal Grace that is held deep within, that is attuned to the cadences of the Light beyond light.

Each day the Great Crystal Cavern, the Chamber of the Shining Ones within the waterfall, behind the curtain of the waterfall, lights up a little more. Its crystal of clear and smokey golds standing at the centre of the cavern. The thunder of the waterfall is the thunder of he drum, running wild. The crystal is igniting with our remembrance, with our awakening. It is the Great Temple of Remembrance, of the Lemurian light codes, of those who would remember and return to the full ascensional timeline of the earth. Responding to the hum and chant of our attention and intention

And every morning we walk in procession through the beech woods, through shade, past violets and moss, over the grey rocks. Swimming within the waterfall, plunging beneath her descending torrent, as though a silver star is inflamed at the brow, lit with a radiance beyond radiance that shall not go out


Upon coming together in full circle, each morning we call in the 12 Flames of the Everlasting Stars ~ flames of sapphire, white-gold, rose, emerald, ruby-gold, violet, magenta, aquamarine, gold, peach and opal

Each one carrying its silvery glyph of the New Dawn

And we come to the Diamond Portal of the Everlasting Stars, through which we step ~ into the realm of the Unicorn, making the leap of faith of a wise innocence ~ becoming the one who makes the Dream real

These are the codes for the New Star Human, for the star souls upon earth


Each day we embark on our Sacred wandering around the landscape of the waterfall ~ allowing the earth to guide us ~ ascension as a natural gift of the earth and stars, that arises from direct communion

This is a time of true and direct remembrance, through the simplicity of communion with Creation, with the earth and stars, with tree and flower. As we are awakened through our sacred wanderings, so do we awaken those realms of earth still further

On this journey we are woven back into the Star Heart of Nature ~ we become One with Creation once more. Our ascension happens in the company of the trees and flowers, the crystals and rocks and waters.



And so it is that we enter the Silver Wheel, that is designed for our return and remembrance. It is a sequence of ceremonies that arise from Source, dreaming themselves into existence around us, calling forth our Soul Star, like magical spheres of far light arising from within the earth, from amongst the stars. They arise uniquely each time that they are offered ~ creating a magical pathway of awakening for us to walk upon.

These ceremonies are woven of the galactic, solar, stellar harmonics of the Dawn. They hold the tones and harmonics for the Star Souls to walk upon earth once again.

Ceremonies woven of spaciousness, intuition, starlight listening



Ceremony of Swanfeather & Sappphire

A song in the night, our first evening, with Swanfeather and Sapphire ~ remembering our vow ~ that we are born to pioneer this beautiful transformation upon earth ~ born to awaken within this one lifetime and to become one of the Star Dancers of the Dawn. By our vow of swanfeather and sapphire, we become the pioneers of remembrance, of activating otherworldly gifts and remembrance.

This is earth-shaking, powerful work. The oppression and inhibition, the fear that has held us bound and paralysed from the Greater Dance, from the fulfilment of our destiny ~ those forces tremble and shift.

It is time for your stellar soul and Dream to land upon earth, to take up your node in the One Heart Grid ~ the landing pad that is your star node on earth ~ like a golden petalled flower that receives and stabilises your soul essence on earth

The choice to transmit from this star node, along the lines of the New Earth star paths, to the other Star Kindred on earth, your soul essence and vibration ~ so that the harmonics of your being can enter the Star Weaving

This is the unleashing of the essence and creativity of the Star Kindred ~

We place our swanfeathers and sapphires upon the White Deerskin where the Silver Wheel glyphs are painted, making our vow to become an awakened node in the New Earth




Ceremony of the Sunstar

In the beautiful ceremonial space of the yurt, one by one we step through a gateway of amethyst crystals, into the portal of the Sun, bounded by diamond and golden topaz. This is the Sunstar Ceremony ~ we enter the realm of the Sun, passing along the violet Dragonfly paths with Dragon, through the amethyst gates, holding the Swanfeather Staff. Within this radiant sphere we receive the Sunstar initiation of the Dawn ~ the initiation that calls us to shine, to appear as ourselves, to no longer hide in the shadows of night, of the lunar soul and its hidden realms ~ to give our Gift, to become ourselves

A beautiful transfiguration happens in this space ~ a powerful stepping into natural radiance, and the True Self becoming visible.



Ceremony of the Star Companions

We walk the land around the waterfall, seeking in the realms of rock, flower, waters and tree for 12 Star Companions of the Dawn ~ the other-dimensional companions that reflect our gifts, qualities and abilities for the New Dawn

And in a beautiful ceremony using the Silver Wheel oracle cards, we discover the glyph of the Silver Wheel that corresponds to our soul signature and gift for the New Dawn. We discover the Star Companion role that we hold, the Flame of the Dawn that is our gift ~ and a circle of altars goes up around the circumference of the yurt, holding sacred gifts gathered from the land ~ the circle of the Elders coming into reality, into embodiment



Ceremony of Starlight Language: we walk amongst the rocks and boulders of the waterfall, traced with their seams of snowy and crystalline quartz. We are guided by the White Deer with the Star at her brow, as we listen to the messages of the stones, to the records held within.

And we carry the 12 crystals that lay upon the White Deerskin ~ angel aura quartz ~ and we place them upon the land where the star song of remembrance sings~ in waterfall and pool, in the roots of trees and the crevices of the rocks.

And in the darkness of the evening, a ceremony of Starlight Language activation. By drum, bell, rattle and moon gong, by movement, by candlelight ~

the voices flare and arise, sounds of gold and silver, stellar ~ the birds and the animals flower through, owl calls in the night

Star realms of origin are travelled to ~ we speak the song, the sounds of our listening

It is a beautiful, ethereal, powerful symphony of souls

And then across the fine weaving clamps down the silencing, the weight of that soundlessness, that dimension into which the star voices vanish, unheard. In this place their voices are invisible and mean nothing ~ through their sounding, nothing travels, nothing is heard

This silencing has held dominion, yet now is it is time for it to shift out of our world, for its dominion to pass, for the star voices to be heard, to travel along the golden, silvery etheric web, one to another once more

And Merlin appears, in his robes of violet and white, a magical vortex that carries the grid of silencing into another universe where it has vibrational affinity ~ for this reality is shifting, and it is no longer congruent with that which we are becoming

The beautiful music arises again, shimmering upon the night




Ceremony of the Silver Grove

Most beautiful procession into the beech grove, settling, each of us sitting at the base of a tree ~ the Silver Heart stone balanced with dragon magic upon the central stone ~ the emerald orb placed upon the ground

The Silver Grove descends into the Emerald Grove of beech and pine ~ into the grove of wild rocks and birdsong beside the waterfall ~ how we joined the slow humming of the trees by bell, flute, singing bowl and song ~ joining the stellar music of Creation.

How the Elven heart merged with the Emerald realms of the trees once more, beautiful ancient alliances flowering in a new cycle of stellar and solar inspiration ~ realms of co-creation, of gold and silver opening up within. As though the heart could flower ever more wildly open, into a peace beyond peace, a ceremony beyond ceremonies that is waiting for our return.

The Emerald Heart descended and settled into the Grove, lines of stellar inspiration flowed down, and the Trees were raised into the Crystalline, White star radiance of the Dawn ~ awakening still further to ancient realities of Love and communion.

What it means for humans to enter the sacred dance and song of Creation once more, how beautiful the natural sound of humans as listeners ~ speaking stellar and angelic ~ lost songs are found



Ceremony of Flowers: of the Starflower Aura. A pink and silver and galactic spaciousness woven, an Elven etheric architecture ~ the lost and otherworldly Lemurian flowers flowering within the earth ~ the otherworldly flower that each of us carries within, like a flower never before seen in this world, ready to flower into existence

In the flower meadow, overlooking the wild rocks and wide hills, buttercups and long grasses, bluebells and flowering hawthorn, a flawless blue sky above.

Beyond beautiful Elven Light transmission ~ the quantum architecture of earth that enables star souls to be present as themselves ~

for the star soul to land on earth ~ the dome and architecture of the otherworldly flower of Light that holds them

Song of the buttercups



The Moonstone Lake

We walk into the mountains, to the mystery and peace of the mountain lake, a hidden pearl where a profound peace and stillness reigns.

Across the moors, the mountain path of cotton grass, unfurling bracken and reeds, the path of white quartz we walk ~

The opaque surface shimmering and rippling with wind-carried lights. The star codes that began to travel across in waves, sapphire, emerald, violet ~ wind tossed and carried to our feet at the edge of the waters. Carrying the star codes upwards through us ~ white starlight column igniting within us. This is how the waters accelerate the communication of the new Source codes to our cells, our DNA

Into timelessness, into the realm of the Gift

A stillness and mystery beyond mind

Strange, beautiful, faraway place



Ceremony of Grandmother Turtle 

We call in the spaciousness of Grandmother Turtle, into which the Star Codes flower ~ walking the land, dancing and drumming upon the land ~ allowing ourselves to fall and land upon the back of Grandmother Turtle ~

To allow spaciousness, to allow the unknown ~ this is how our other-dimensional flowering unfolds, this is how the light-codes can awaken and unfurl



Ceremony of the Ninth Wave (awakening cosmic creativity)

This ceremony of 24th May, 2017 corresponded to the Mayan calendrical date for the Ninth Wave of Unity Consciousness once again arriving and sweeping through Gaia. Our ceremony was aligned with the One Heart Fire held by native people this day, among them the Kalahari Bushmen.

There are two stone circles at the waterfall, one far above in the hills, and one beside the ceremonial yurt in the retreat meadows. Three of us remain at the Stone Circle in the meadow, and others ascend on the long walk to the Stone Circle of the Stars above the waterfall.

We cross the moorland to the distant and hidden place where the stone circle dwells. Here a powerful ceremony unfolds ~ the awakening of Gaia, of the Lemurian light codes and libraries ~ silver, rose, platinum ~ and the ancestral memory within the land

This was truly a ceremony of the Ninth Wave, of an opening and expansion to a new level of Love and galactic harmonics.

A vastly expanded sphere ~ beautiful galactic starships flowed on the North Wind ~ rippling through and shifting all of Gaia’s dimensions and timelines ~ bringing a vastly enhanced Unity field as old bastions of separation consciousness fell and dismantled. The ancestral mind that has been locked in the long tale of suffering and struggle, of lack and pain and loss entered the golden radiance of the ascension timeline ~ linking to the galactic and Lemurian beginnings, and to the incoming starlight frequencies, to the goal of return.

And once the Lemurian and Stellar realms had been called in, so too did the Dragon Line flow back to the circle, called on the winds from the stream where it had been diverted, so that once more it flows along the ceremonial path

Lemuria ~ the Dragons ~ the Stars

And then the Emerald Heart Stone was carried into the circle, where the frequencies of the Ninth Wave, of Lemuria and the Dragons were encoded within, and they fused with the Elvenstar dream of earth, so that it could be carried back down into the emerald realms of the waterfall

Within us and around us, at the deepest cellular levels, and within the ancient land, so much shifting. A ceremony of collective proportions, that unlocked us each to the wise innocence of a star song that needs to be heard, to the direct voice of inspiration, of beauty, of a wisdom beyond this world.



That evening, we hold the Ceremony of the One Heart Fire

We light the fire in the night, beneath the maple tree ~ the Elven flute awakens the fire ~ chanting lilts and a silence falls

It is a ceremony and a fire of formlessness ~ of a ceremony that is arising beyond all form ~ of the sovereign arising of Love within each heart and soul

Within the One Heart Fire ~ the flames become a white-gold flowering temple, whose petals enfold us ~ and into the centre of the white-gold temple of petals, descended and settle the far galactic spheres and stars of the Ninth Wave. As they do so, there is a great cleansing ~ to walk within this fire, to pass within this White Ascension Flame is an unconditional act, for Love alone ~

To pass into the realm of Love on Earth is a true letting go

Angelic tears, weight and sorrow of disconnection, a dismantlement like mighty whale bones in the flames. Letting go of the standing back, of the dissociation, the failure of connection, the lostness

In this space the full angelic light codes for life on earth, as embodied in Lemuria, are activated

The eyes of self-judgement that bear down upon us and freeze our movements are released ~ stellar embodiment flows right down to root chakra ~ and the calm voice of the Star One, the Shining One, speaks

‘To choose non-existence, to not appear as ourselves, to withdraw is to place an icicle in the Heart of Creation ~ it is an illusion to believe that it does not matter, that we do not matter. To think that our existence is inconsequential to Creation. It truly does matter, more deeply than we can possibly know.’

‘And yet when we withdraw, freeze, fall under the spell of inertia and fear ~ so too do the light codes continue to flower, to blossom in their own perfect timing. There is beauty and perfection in the rhythms of Divine flowering.’



Ceremony of Atlantis

It is time to activate the 12 Angel Aura crystals that were placed upon the land in the Ceremony of Starlight Listening ~ where they anchor the true remembrance and starry voice of the earth. Each of us travels to the place where they were guided to place their crystal ~ for some this is a dance within the flowing waters, for some amongst the roots of the trees. Each person brings through a beautiful, divinely inspired activation. Through individual ceremonies of starlight language, bell and movement within and around the waters of the falls, the 12 crystals hum with life, and their essence is carried through song and bell, walked back to the Stone Circle beside the yurt.

Taking up the sovereignty of sacred inspiration, the knowledge of what to do, the sacred trust in yourself ~ the pathway of direct perception and communion, of natural illumination and inspiration



Ceremony of Stardust

Back in the ceremonial yurt once more, a gentle ceremony of the Drum, evoking the presence of the Deer Elder and her Gift of Sacred Stardust, blessing each person’s pathway of return home ~ aligning their outer realities with the new level of inner expansion so that each may make a gentle transition ~



Ceremony of the Morningstar Lodge

As a Morningstar of the Dawn, we are dedicated to the realms of Love on earth

Drumming amongst the giant stones of the Druid’s Bowl meadow, with the bluebells all around ~ tracing an infinity symbol between the stone circle and the rocks ~ and in the middle a beautiful dance of the Morningstar unfolds, guided by the flight of swallows, and the Morningstar Lodge descends all around ~ a geometric form of white light, anchored by turquoise points to the earth

This is the landing of the Temple of Remembrance ~ and we have activated its sacred role in the Dawn ~ a place where the Star Souls can land on earth, can remember who they are and why they are here, and activate their sacred gifts in harmony with the many realms.



Unicorn Ceremony

For our final ceremony, we walk as the Flames and Glyphs of the Dawn into the stone circle

We sound the Star Music of the Silver Wheel in the yurt ~ and then move in procession to the stones, carrying the glyphs and ribbons of the Immortal Flames ~ sapphire, white-gold, rose, silver, emerald, ruby-gold, violet, magenta, aquamarine, gold, peach, opal and diamond.

Dancing softly ~ the Flames land around the stone circle in the night. Ribbons floating the air, dancing arms and hands in the darkness. Soft and beautiful, gentle landing of the Immortal Flames of the Everlasting Stars

Through the Unicorn Portal we process, one by one, each of us with the ribbon flame, entering the Diamond Portal, each bringing the beautiful Flame of the Golden Dawn that they carry, restoring the sacred order of Creation upon earth

And in the centre on the ground sit the lantern, a bowl of star waters and the sword of true sovereignty.

‘Restoring right rule and right reign to the land’


It was a vast expansion, and the ceremonies continue in my dreams night by night ~ golden circles, flames and flower offerings ~

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