Welcome to the realms of the Silver Wheel

It is a time of return, it is a time of remembrance. Like dreamers awakening, we are remembering ourselves as Souls from the stars born to bring in a New Dawn of Light upon earth. Star to star, heart to heart, by leaf, flower and moonlight, we are transforming. A new and beautiful way of existing on earth is becoming available: your angelic and otherworldly self is coming into full embodiment, into physicality. Herein is shared the wisdom of the Silver Wheel ~ a blueprint for this transformation ~ for your ascension into the New Dawn

Your otherworldly and stellar gifts are being called forth, your higher destiny is activating with its codes of miraculous grace. You know that there is this calling to remember who you truly are, and to give your gift

The Elven Ones offer their wisdom for your ascension into the New Dawn ~ your shift into the magical peace of awakening

With Shining Love & Blessings


A Beautiful Prophecy…

A precious treasure is found in the forest. It is a book, clad in worn white deerskin, and within on pages of bark is inscribed a mysterious and glowing script. It is written in the language of the Elven Ones, who so long ago vanished from our world…

“It seems to me that this is the Celestine Prophecies of the new millennium, that to the right readership it could be absolutely huge.”

~ Manda Scott

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Elvenstar Silver Wheel ceremonies, workshops and retreats 2017

These workshops, ceremonies & retreats are designed for your dimensional shift into your true destiny & remembrance ~

They are transmissions & wisdom teachings for your Ascension, gifted by the Elven Ones of Lemuria.

Events 2017
Star Traveller Retreat

with the White Lions in Timbavati

1st ~ 9th November

It is a rare & extraordinary honour to offer this retreat to be with the White Lions of Timbavati. Like the Elven Ones, they carry the star lineage of our planet, and are here to shift us into true remembrance of who we are, and our gifts as Star Creators of the New Dawn

Moonstone Waters Retreat

in Mid Wales

16th ~ 23rd September

The soul of this retreat shines as a gentle star. We shall travel into the realms of Elvenstar remembrance, the early Starlight Ages of the Earth, to discover our own gifts and soul codes that have been dormant for long ages, and now are stirring….

It is truly a time for the sleepers to awaken, and to allow the otherworldly codes of our star gifts to emerge….

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10th & 11th June
10th & 11th June

2 Day Workshop in Avalon

Discover your starlight language of the soul ~ sacred sounding, listening of the Deer & tuning to the vibrations of the New Dawn with the Elven Ones

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15th & 16th July

2 Day Workshop in Avalon

Amongst the Emerald Groves of Avalon, we shall ascend to the Silver Grove of the Stars, to receive the guidance, wisdom and vision of the Council of the Stars

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26th & 27th August

2 Day Workshop in Avalon

Enter the Elven Star wisdom of the flower. Discover your starflower aura, the ancient flower within

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Moon of the Moonstone Waters

This is the Elven Moon of the Moonstone Waters ~ 

 Long ago the Elven Ones came from the stars to earth and founded the beautiful civilisation of Lemuria. They knew that in accordance with the great cycles of  Light, their time on earth would come to an end, and would be forgotten. And so they created the Deerskin Book, recording the wisdom of Lemuria, and stored it in another dimension ~for they knew that another Golden Age would come again upon earth.

It returns to us now, inscribed with its 13 beautiful glyphs, woven of Elven starlight, carrying us into far spheres of memory ~ reminding us of much that has been lost. It shows us the way forward, and the path of our own re-awakening.

Each glyph holds a different facet of this wisdom, and each belongs to one of the 13 moons. Every moon, Elen shares its beautiful Elvenstar wisdom for our ascension into the New Dawn.

Glyph of the Moonstone Waters ~
This is the Elvenstar Moon of the Moonstone Waters.

It corresponds to the Seventh Teaching of the Deerskin Book ~ that at the level of the soul, all is in flow ~ there is always this flow of giving and receiving. This is the teaching of the Waters. The visions and gifts we receive from the starlight realms, from the otherworld, need to be given, to be made real. So also do we need to receive deeply the starlight flow of inspiration, of Love ~ to receive especially the frequencies of Love that most deeply and directly nourish us, and echo our true soul energy

Déepen into the starlight flow of giving and receiving

with Elen

Receive in person, via Skype call or distance

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Come along to the once monthly meditation group in Avalon, a truly beautiful, gentle group of kindred souls who meet to receive the inspiration, wisdom and Elven starlight transmissions of the Silver Wheel

Elen is an author & shamanic healer and teacher. Through the exquisite overtones and harmonics of the Elven starlight language and the sounding of drum, bell and rattle, she channels a profoundly transformative sphere. These ceremonies and teachings gift a powerfully beautiful vision of reality, and an all-encompassing shift into our own otherworldly grace. Learn more…

“Over a number of years I have enjoyed her clear integrity of soul and shining spirit. Her power to invoke and shift energy with words is truly beauty-full and in the deep traditions of soul storytelling and bardic Śeeing.”

Faith Nolton, author of ‘Gardens of the Soul’, founder of Sacred Hoop Magazine

Receive a White Starlight SOUL HEALING seventh dimensional healing ray of Elven Ones

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Receive an Elvenstar Lemurian SOUL READING discover and activate your Lemurian soul gifts in the present

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for your shift into your New Earth Soul signature

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“a powerful journey into the future as it is happening now upon the earth, an unveiling of the deep memories we carry about who we really are. “

~ Toby Negus, Spiritual Teacher, Visionary Artist & Writer

Moon by moon, workshops and retreats, a returning rainbow of exquisite tones, the Elven wisdom of Lemuria is gifted for our remembrance & awakening into the New Dawn

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“Occasionally a special message and messenger arrive to encourage and awaken all souls to remember, recall who we are and our sacred destiny. The inspired writings of Elen Tompkins in her book “SILVER WHEEL” bless, enlighten, connect and uplift all who read it.”


Anne B. Collins

“The white deer with the star at her brow leads us into the Silver Grove. It is here, beneath the magnificent and ancient silver branches that we reweave the lost glyphs of our own inter-dimensional presence.”

Follow the Deer into the New Earth

Available in paperback, hardback & kindle editions
& now available in US also

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